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  • Worldbuilding for Wannabe Writers

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    1 Getting started with Worldbuilding

    Worldbuilding is the creation of an imaginary world. Sometimes this is also called a conworld ("constructed world"). If this is your first experience with worldbuilding, you might feel a bit overwhelmed. If you don't quite know where to start, this guide will help you move forward and create your own world.

    The first step is always the most difficult. Your experience in this community will be reflected on how much you put into the development of your nation and how much you participate. Deciding where to start can be a challenge. We advise small steps. Take your time. For starters, here is an example of what your first weeks could be like.

    • Day 1. Read some of our existing articles and roleplays. We're an old community, with loads of history. To not be overwhelmed by everything that's going on, take some time to inform yourself. Feel free to post your first "hello" message in the appropriate subforum. http://www.europans.com/forum/3-hello-my-name-is/
    • Day 2-3. Figure out your nation. Everyone here is in control of their own nation. This includes the national leadership, business tycoons, entertainment superstars, top athletes, and any other character you can think of. These people belong to a nation. And by controlling your characters, you can control the events that occur, which in turn shape your nation. Try and explain all of this in a factbook about your nation. Guidelines on how to create a factbook are explained below. And remember: it's okay if you don't have all the answers right away, you can always keep refining and updating this factbook.
    • Day 4-6. Tell us about your world with a news update. What is taking place that's important in your people's lives? By writing a news article you can help others to understand what's going on. Guidelines on how to set-up a news agency are shared below.
    • Day 7. Now that your nation is explained in a factbook, and the first news articles have attracted attention, it is time to claim your spot on our world map. A map will serve as a visual aid in your work. It will also help explain who your neighbours are. http://www.europans.com/map/
    • Week 2. Interact with your neighbours. There are loads of possibilities to do so. Pay them a state visit. Open an embassy. Have some tourists visit for sightseeing. Play a friendly sports game.
    • Week 3. Look into existing international organisations. Most will allow newcomers to participate via observer status. If there's a good fit, you can apply for full membership.
    • Week 4. Celebrate your first month as a new member of the community!

    2 Create your own new nation or country

    This is usually one of the first ways other players learn about what your nation is all about. If you've ever seen an existing Wikipedia article about a nation, this framework will be very familiar.

    • Etymology. Where does your nation's name come from? Most RL national names come from a small variety of choice. Some examples: land of a tribe (ex.France, Persia, Mongolia, Russia), characteristic geography (ex. Netherlands, India, Morocco), an old ruler or religious figure (ex. Philippines, San Marino, Europa, Saudi Arabia), the Latin description of a place (ex. Australia, Argentina, Liberia). How is the name pronounced? How is it translated into other languages?
    • Geography. Where exactly is your nation compared to others on the global map? Describe the landscape, plants and animals. Which mountains and rivers are important to include? Describe are the climate and seasons? How does geography determine where people live? Are there areas separated from one another? How about cities? This will greatly help you with the next part of history.
    • History. How did your current nation come to be? What were its previous incarnations? Was it part of a union with a neighbour? Which events shaped the way it is today?
    • Politics. Government. Separation of powers. Who rules, how, and for how long? What levels of government exist? How about the local level? Who makes the laws? Who deals out your justice? Which government services exist? What is the name of your police? How are the armed forces organised? Foreign affairs, alliances, membership of international organisations.
    • Economy. Exports and imports. International partners. Currency. Energy. Transportation. Science & technology. Unemployment numbers. Tourism.
    • Society. Demographics. Ethnic groups. Social classes. Language. Education. Marriage. Religion. Healthcare. Diseases.
    • Culture. Cuisine. Art. Architecture. Entertainment. Music & Radio. Television. Local customs. Clothing. Morality. Sports. Stereotypes. Your national symbols such as the flag and national anthem. Public holidays and festivities.

    Many writers have already come before you. Feel free to browse their creations for additional inspiration. http://www.europans.com/forum/145-factbooks-and-national-information/

    3 How to create a fictional News Agency and articles

    Every day we are constantly bombarded by news about ongoing events. This information comes from a news agency, with articles written by journalists, to inform a broad public. Here is how you can create your own news agency to communicate with the wider world about what's going on with the people in your nation.

    • Media company. Your very first article will usually be about the media company itself. When was it founded? Where is it located? How many readers or viewers does it have? Is it part of a larger group or holding? Who is the managing editor, the person who gets in hot water when a controversial story is published?
    • The 5 W's. Any news story should at least include the 5 W's. These 5 W's are: who, what, when, where, and why. Or to give you a more elaborate answer: what happened when and where, who did it, why did it happen?
    • People. Who are the main actors involved with this story? Did they say something in public which you can quote a response? How about a person or group on the opposite end? Are there any random witnesses who can tell their own story?

    Our newsroom is one of the most active areas of this forum. Feel free to look around! http://www.europans.com/forum/93-the-newsroom/

    4 Character development in story writing

    • Personal details
    • Physical description
    • Personal history, what's going on right now in their life, and what happened before
    • Use free stock images or AI generated https://generated.photos/
    • Occupation, education, hobbies
    • Good and bad qualities, quirks and flaws
    • Drives, wishes, hopes and fears, beliefs
    • Family members, parents, children, love interests, relationships
    • Loyalties and enemies


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