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  • Eurth Map Rules

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    V5 Cartography of Eurth Directory Hub

    Restricted Language Groups

    Ignore the red text below, this has been temporarily disabled until the new system is up and ready!

    Currently, 3 language/cultural groups have been restricted on Eurth to avoid over-representation, as we already have a lot of active members with those groups, and we would like to encourage new members to step outside their box. These linguistic and/or cultural groups are:

    • Germanic Languages/Cultures (>25% of members)
    • Romance Languages/Cultures (>23% of members)
    • Celtic Languages/Cultures (4 active members and widespread minorities across other members.)


    Four Core Concepts

    📄 An Introduction to Eurth

    These are the four concepts/guidelines' members are expected to follow when role-playing on Eurth. Although these concepts are not directly related to map applications, they should be taken into consideration when applying for the Eurth map. The four concepts are:

    1. Progression
    2. Realism
    3. Quality
    4. Teamwork


    Starting Stats System

    📄 Eurth Version 5 Starting Stat System

    This link takes you to the document with the 4-point system Eurth uses. The points are used to ensure newer members are balanced to current geopolitics upon arrival.


    Map Application

    📄 Eurth Version 5  Map Application

    The Eurth map application form document, the rules for applying to Eurth, formatting your application, and where to post your application. This document also outlines how the cartographers process applications and manage territorial consent. This link also provides several maps that may help pre-determine where your country may go.


    Map Thread

    📄 Map Megathread


    A thread of maps. The first post on the thread will be changed with every update (not draft) with maps of topography, blank maps with and without borders, et cetera. Everyone is free to post their own maps to the thread.
    This thread will begin with v5.11 at the end of August.


    Version 5 Continent Discussions

    These links take you to different continent-specific forum threads where discussions for continent-wide changes between v4 and v5 take place.


    Expansions and NPC Guidelines

    📄 Eurth Version 5 Expansions and NPC Guidelines

    All current rules and guidelines for expansions and Non-Player Countries are written here, as well as how to apply for an expansion and the requirements to do so. It will also discuss the differences between Lore NPCs, Expansion NPCs, and Reserved Territory.


    Inactivity and Termination

    📄 Eurth Version 5 Inactivity and Termination

    Guidelines for what constitutes inactivity and the process for dealing with inactivity, which tend to be:

    • Reduction in territory (~ ½)
    • Scrubbed from the map & Eurth/regional lore
    • IP seizure & converted into an NPC


    Requests & Miscellaneous

    📄 Eurth Version 5 Requests and Miscellaneous

    Document for making requests for map edits and other miscellaneous questions are here.

    Pre-Existing Threads

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