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Trophies and Medals

Profile Completion

  1. The Vexillologist

    You uploaded a flag. You're vexy and you know it!

    Total: 940


  1. The Virgin

    Congrats! You have posted something for the first time! Enjoy the ride.

    Total: 925
  2. The Philisopher

    You created your first 10 post! That's pretty deep man; dem feels.

    Total: 350
  3. The Scribe

    You've contributed 50 posts on our site. How hard was it to type those fifty comments?

    Total: 156
  4. The Author

    You have written 100 posts on our site. Never shy and always willing to speak your mind.

    Total: 111
  5. The 500 Club

    You have made 500 comments on our site. This unlocks access to the fabled "500 Club", with expanded rights and privileges. Just no smoking in the common room please.

    Total: 44
  6. The Tolstoy

    You have 1000 posts on our site. War and Peace has nothing on you!

    Total: 25

Reputation (received)

  1. The Gatherer

    You have 10 reputation points in the bank. The community found 10 posts that deserve recognition. You’re welcome...

    Total: 209
  2. The Collector

    You have 100 reputation points in the bank. Great, the community found 100 posts that they loved in this massive pile!

    Total: 82
  3. The Hoarder

    You have 1000 reputation points in the bank. Why let go when you can keep it forever?

    Total: 11

Reputation (given)

  1. The Explorer

    You've rated 10 posts – This is just the beginning, trust me.

    Total: 103
  2. The Liker

    You've rated 50 posts. Positive or not positive, that is the question.

    Total: 73
  3. The Curator

    You've rated 100 posts. Remember uncle Ben's advice: "With great power comes great responsibility."

    Total: 49
  4. The Connoisseur

    You've rated 500 posts – you are a veritable expert now.

    Total: 21


  1. One-Year Club

    Our very first anniversary, I wish us many more!

    Total: 946
  2. Two-Year Club

    Two years of fun!

    Total: 808
  3. Three-Year Club

    Three years… Ah! The memories!

    Total: 758
  4. Four-Year Club

    Most relationships don’t even last this long #funfact

    Total: 700
  5. Five-Year Club

    That’s half a decade of membership… woah… that’s impressive.

    Total: 617
  6. Six-Year Club

    I guess we were a match made in heaven. Who would’ve known that 6 years later, you would still be be here.

    Total: 604
  7. Seven-Year Club

    No 7-year itch here! Thanks for 7 happy years

    Total: 602
  8. Eight-Year Club

    The Outlook is good: you've had 8 magical years with us!

    Total: 601

User role

  1. The Momerator

    You are a moderator. Kind of like mom: helpful, and loving, and always looking out for us... And, from time to time, when we're being naughty, you also have to slap us with your slipper.

    Total: 14
  2. The Dadmin

    You are an administrator, and also sort-of like a dad. Because you take care of this home and family, fix the car, mow the lawn, act all grumpy when something technical breaks. But we still ❤️ you.

    Total: 7


  1. Nation of the Month

    After careful deliberation, you have been selected and featured as the Nation of the Month. Kudos!

    Total: 7
  2. Old Guard

    You are a veteran from before the Renaissance. An old guard, the real OG. Also, the older gents of our community.

    Total: 7
  3. The Joker

    This user is very funny. Seriously. Very funny.

    Total: 7
  4. Satoshi

    This user has switched their national currency over to Crypto Currencies.

    Total: 7
  5. The Freedom Police

    You are a member of the Freedom Police. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new nations, to seek out truth, and to generalise and arbitrarily label.

    Total: 7
  6. The Visionary

    You have won EurthVision! 🎶 “The winner takes it all. The loser has to fall. You claim this victory. This is your destiny."

    Total: 7
  7. The Champion

    You have won the Football World Cup. Add a star to your shirt an wear it with pride!

    Total: 7
  8. The Cartographer

    Have you heard that joke about the expert cartographer? Their skills are pretty legendary.

    Total: 7
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