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Editing dead countries.

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Do we need to edit off countries that have left the region? I'm not aiming this at any of those countries, indeed I hope they come back. But when do we decide that a country that has left the region no longer has the right to being on the map? I am aware of the problems (Van, who's rping but his country seem to have been deleted), but I think we need to consider this. I also think the four plot limit is a good idea.

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I agree with the deleting of dead nations. Sevrun is dead, as is the nation of Vanarambaion. I would've thought though that Argenland deleted them as necessary...


However I disagree with the 4 plot limit. Maybe measures could be introduced to limit the rate at which a country expands but I don't think that colonies should be made illegal.

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Van should not be deleted. He is still an active rper. I think that after 4 plots expansion should be limited to every 1billion.

If Vanarambaion is still RPing then we should not delete him from the map.

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Van should not be deleted. He is still an active rper. I think that after 4 plots expansion should be limited to every 1billion.

That's what I was thinking. I will add it to the map rules asap.

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Is Free-Ekainak dead?


I don't see him around here recently and I can't find his country. If so, I'm planning to start an RP.



I'd wait for a bit longer. If he came back off a holiday, found his nation was dead, resurrected it, then saw that someone had nicked his island, he'd be annoyed.


Anyway, Sevrun recently blew up, so there should be some new islands somewhere. If they're put on the map, they could be the Northern Weathered Isles or something.


Like this:

user posted image

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This is gonna sound a little bastardly but...

My neighbor in the North, Callonian, seems to be quite thoroughly dead. No longer a member of the forums, nor is there such a nation as Callonian on NS. Now (here comes the bastardly part) I would not feel bad at all if his nation were to be removed from the map, in fact I would be quite happy to see that territory with the river to clear up. biggrin.gif

That's all...for now... ninja.gif




Aha! It would appear that my other neighbor is no longer with us either! Yes! Alianessia's last forum activity was in February, they had a total of 8 posts, and their nation is no longer existing in NS. You wanna empty those plots? Cuz I damn sure wouldn't mind. biggrin.gif

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Well, sadly, I do think it is time both Senator Gaius (Karthenia) and Phil IV were removed from the map. SG's been out since he moved to Uni, and Phil hasn't re-appeared since he said he was back for good a while back, which is fairly ironic. We have given them sufficent time to reappear, but they haven't.


There's also Sevrun, who said he may be back in the future, so I think we'd best keep him on.

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I'm not sure about deleting Phil though - he wasn't gone that long ago.

I've just sent him an e-mail. Let's hope he responds, because I'd hate to lose a long-lasting neighbourng nation like his. (Not to mention Phil himself!)

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ok people, i am really sorry about all this, i know i said i was back for good a while ago, i guess i was wrong sad.gif


but i should try to make more of an effrt to get on, i dont want to lose my nation, but i will have to pull back from the Europa duties i once knew and had the time for, i am sorry, but tht is how it is.


I havn't been around for a long time, my nation has died a death several times now, heh, and been revived 3 times now i think, lol, dry.gif


anyway, just to say, i will try to make more of an effort to get on, (altho this is the last night i am here for a while as i am going away for the holiday period, so Orioni's email caught me at the right time tongue.gif)


i will try to get on more often, if you think i am being slow, or need to see somthing, email me at fiend132@hotmail.com rather than a pm here, it will probobly reach me faster. (and if you really want you can add me to msn for faster noticing, lol)


well, hope to see you around more now smile.gif



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