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  • 7 years later...

We're still a few that are active though and we're attempting to keep up some level of activity, and preferably increasing it of course. My two RPs are standing rather still partly because of that I need the other participants to assist me in bringing the story forward and partly because of RL stuff.


If you start up some RPing I'd be more than happy to take some part in it if I can.

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At the risk of being labled the "slow horse coming out of the gate", is Orioni still around? I've been sifting around, but can't seem to located info on her status beyond a return from the Lazerous (sp?) region, and her profile says her last activity was January 30, 2008. I'd hate to think she's MIA... sad.gif

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There's a bigger story as to why europa is so quiet, but it'stoo much to type on a phone and lunch break is over. If you are online around 5 pm central standard time i can relay it to you.


Also check the regional message board for the information about our irc channel. It's where i prefer to discuss region stuff because it's real time commjnication.

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Thanks Voc - I'll read up on the irc channel, and get that under my belt. Unfortunately, I'm being dragged into "company" (e.g. the other half's friends), so I have to be social, and impose upon you later for some insights on the bigger story.

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Well, if you check here again before going on the IRC.


Essentially NationStates with through a dying off period around 2007-2008. ALOT of nations went inactive, not just in Europa but the game in general. We weathered the worst of it but then a user by the name of Tamurin, who was an admin during the time you were around, grew increasingly bored with the game and decided to jump ship to CyberNations.


He went through alot of trouble to create graphs and charts the over-exaggerated the 'fall of NS' and posted it for everyone to see, and became going 'omg guise join cybernations itz growng and lolz look i already haz alliance set up for us'.


So we were essentially gutted by an admin we trusted to fill his alliance and give him power in CyberNations. That's the primary reason why Europa was put in a comatose state.


The rest are people who couldn't maintain interest in the game and left. I ended up being the only admin around for almost two years, doing everything I could to keep the region alive. If it hadn't been for Haruspex's help and the activity on the Regional Message Board, Europa would have died long ago.


Orioni and the original owner of the Founder nation both largely left for the region of Belgium, though O stops by very rarely to check on things.


Now, most RPing has been moved to the official NS forums. Off-site forums have died off as the primary place for regions and alliances to form.

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Wow - a pretty dynamic situation... I'm quite sorry to hear that Orioni has departed for Belgium, but I guess that's her "native land", but still, disappointing. Nonetheless, it is a testament that you and Haruspex have done to keep Europa alive so long. Not sure what you guys have planned for Europa (status quo, recruitment, etc...), but whatever it is, I'll be happy to lend a hand.

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I've largely washed my hands of doing anything but administrative work here on the forums.


I know through personal experience that trying to bring this place back to life is going to be next to impossible, especially given how centralized everything is now on the official NS forums, so recruiting new people and such for this forum I've turned over to Tagmatium, Suverina and Jilderen.


As gloom and doom as it is to say it, this forum is little more than a archive at this point. People can check here for history and stuff, but the big plot right now would be Tag's and Haru's alliance The League of Imperial Nations that they have going on the official forums. That's about it as far as advancing the plot of MT Europa.


Myself, I've gone over to Future Tech (spaceships, faster than light travel, the like) and essentially took over leading a Fantasy Tech after the leader bailed. That's a longer story involving me pulling my hair out over that clusterf*ck that I won' tell here.


Modern Tech Vocenae right now is, as I said in the Atlas thread, slowly eating the northern section of the region through marching around annexxing all the dead nations there. I see it, in Modern Tech times, becoming as large as Russia. In the alternate Post Modern Tech future of Europa, it eats a few more nations until it's the size of all of Europe, Russia and Scandinavia.


Then giant war, Vocenae quits the planet and the FT saga begins.


ANYWAY, the TLDR is this:


Just don't get your hopes up for stuff happening here. We mostly communicate now over on the regional message board on NS itself and on IRC. It's a social community at this point, RP is done almost entirely through the official NS forums.

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Quite understand, as after comparing the current population level against the "old days" population shows quite a difference. Still, even if its for archival purposes, I'll lend a hand as much as I can... not much in the skill sets needed here (even blogging seems a bit out of date compared to a forum), but still one can hope things will change for the better. cool.gif

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