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Hi. Here's a background overview of my country - Apratia.


For hundreds of years Apratia was traditionally a very self opinionated country - not exactly agressive but very nationalistic. It had a very powerful army and an even more powerful monarchy. However that changed when part of the army, incensed by the immoral actions of the current tyrant king turned on him and plunged the country into terrible civil war. No quarter was spared for anyone and atrocaties and utter lawlessness ran high. Millions upon millions of people, soldiers and innocent civilians were killed in the conflict. The monarchy was overthrown but at a terrible loss of life.


That was thirty years ago.


Now Apratia is rebuilding what was broken all those years ago - but not in the same way. There is an elected democratic government headed by an elected President (elected by the elected government) instead of a dictatorial monarch. The army has been much reduced from what it was and much more emphasis has gone on culture, welfare and education. Now the government serves the people, not the other way around and step by step the horrors of those terrible years are being forgotten as the people step forward into a new age of democratic freedom.

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Ah, more RPing! welcome to the region Apratia! hope you enjoy your stay! we all enjoy a good RP here, hope you will join us at some point in those threds!


as for now, the Philian traditional welcoming pie for you this week is a stawberry and blackcurrant sweet pie, with a frothy milky filling... enjoy...

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