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Ekainak Moves On Former Burgundy-brabant

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From: The High Council on All Matters of The State (HCAMTS)

To: Aulo Nexodro, Commandant of all Ekainako Milit. Forces



As you know, Free-Ekainak has been considering expanding for quite some time now. We attempted to intimidate the Vanarambaion Power out of our backyard, but the military and political circumstances were not in our favor, as you know. Now is the time, and a better time we doubt could be found, too. Due to the fall of their government, the natives should not present any oposition, enredeados in chaos like they are. The only real preocupation would be the blockade of plot 21. Feel free to use the forces deployed there to carry out our plans, we no longer believe the blockade is worthy, therefore, cut any corners that will make your job easier.



From: Aulo Nexodro

To: Coronel Viscayo Honero



Activate your unit

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General Aulo Nexodro sat at the table in the Defense Ministry's Donostia Building. The room was dark and the smell of tobacco filled his nose with longing for the substance he was attempting to kick. As of late, he was stooping to smoking ganjedi to stifle the cravings...


All around him, sitting at the table, were the highst officials of Ekainak's military forces; all had been gathered this evening, to discuss and plan the plausability and implementation of an Ekainako push to annex the former state of Burgundy-Brabant.


"I was dragged out of my dinner party for this, General; what is it about", said Mikael Borzao, the veteran soldier who's place of power Aulo had taken after the fall of Chairman Joaquin.


Nexodro: "We are going into Burgundy-Brabant. Our population must be distributed and the Politicos seem to think no one will care."


Borzao: "And the natives, will they not care?"


Nexodro: "We don't know. That is why i have taken the liberty of activating the Subvertistas force, 2000 strong to gather intel before we jump into anything unpleasant They are loading on to planes as we speak and should be there before dawn. they will be scatered over the region in small groups. I want us to wait and see what they say before deploying any more forces. Gen. Borzao?"


Borzao: "Yes?"


Nexodro:" Prepare two divisions of volunteers, to potentially be used in this operation.




Nexodro waited, with what most of the other brass thought was a slightly contemptous look on his face...




Nexodro: "Good then, you are all dismissed. Be prepared for any short-notice summonings or that inevitable order to leave for the countryside...Buenas Noches"


Borzao was the first to stand and the first out the door. Nexodro knew he would have to keep a good eye on his former superior; he could cause quite a bit of harm

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Viscayo Honero, commander of the Subvertista units watched as the last of his 2000 troops boarded the transport planes, before he himself boarded. He would be dropped with 13 others to set up a communications center near the coast were the information obtained by his men and women could be redirected home.


The plane began to accelerate, preparing for take-off.


Their mission was to infiltrate cities, towns and any other area that could hold information regarding the current situation in B-B. Who is filling the power vacum there? Each Subvertista was equiped with military equipment, although they weren't supposed to use it, and civilian clothes. He had given the order to bury the implicating weapon/uniforms at locations they could find later. Their mission was covert, meaning that noone outside Ekainak's military was supposed to know about it.


The plane was going now, it would only be a few seconds before take-off.

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Agent Spiel sat in his car infront of the Orionian embassy in Donostia. From it he saw a uniformed Lt. Coronel suspiciously walking, looking all around and clearly intent on reaching the embassy. He clicked of a few pictures and uploaded them to the agency, so they could see what was up. The officer was ushered into the embassy.




To: Aulo Nexodro

From: La Agencia de Securidad del Estado


We have learned that an officer by the name of Lt. Coronel Dreyfus Ratanqua has asked for asylum with the Orioni embassy, he was on your HQ staff and could potentialy release sensative information.



"A minor setback" said Gen. Nexodro. "We must go public about this, despite the fact that we have not had that much time to get a feel for B-B and it's present situation. We could be jumping into something slightly risky. If we kept this a secret, it could look bad. I knew I shouldn't have given that Rata a desk job, I should have known he would crack... "




To: The World

From: Free-Ekainak


Free-Ekainak, today has begun the process of incorporating the former nation of Burgundy-Brabant into the State of Ekainak. We have begun to mobilize our forces with a fleet composed of transportation ships and participant vessels of the blockade transporting a large quantity of troops and other nessesary elements. 67,000 troops are being sent, along with other combat factors, to gain control before settlers arrive


We have gathered information regarding the present conditions and B-B lays in ruins, with much damage to the infrastructure from chaotic post-fall state of the country. It appears that there has be widespread civil conflict in the country but more cannot be said. We hope to bring peace and an end to suffering for the Burgundy-Brabantians.

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The Jaihuistic Jaihudom of Jaihu applauds Ekainak`s decision to bring peace, order and governance to the former Burgundy-brabant and offer up any assistance that you may require to ensure that the annexation is successful.

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The Free people of Ekainak have our support, just as long as this expansion does not violate any human rights. We will see to it that we are kept informed. Your nationals have informed us before.




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*Official statement by Gaius Reman Valiani*


As former Dictator of Burgundy-Brabant, the Supreme Commander felt it best that i handled Karthenia's response to this. So here it is.

Karthenia applauds Free-Ekainak for its campaign to restore order to my former homeland. I am willing to offer my services to Free Ekainak in liasing with the natives, but if you do not need this there will be no opposition from us. Good day.

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