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Well, the question man always come up with questions ... tongue.gif

Anyone can help me out??? smile.gif


Q1: I have trouble with Imageshacks..they seemed congested and slow today, and alway had "page error" and thus unsuccessful attachment.... Any advise, please?


Q2: My computer broke down last month and I had to use public computer for 10days..during that time, I registered new account Imageshack on that public computer... Now I'm using my computer again for sometime... The problem is; Can we merge both accounts?


Q3: and at my present computer, Sometimes I log on to my original picture gallery but sometime to my temporary gallery... What's the logic behind logging in???


Q4: another q... Is there any alternative to Imageshacks??


Trouble...trouble.... Anyone can help explain? blink.gif Thanks in advance... salute.gif

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For the first question, you'll just have to trie an other day, I don't think you can do anything about it.


With the accuont I can't help you, cause I don' t have one, don't think I need it. I don't have a gallery either, tried it, but it didn't work out well.

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.... don't think I need it. I don't have a gallery either, tried it, but it didn't work out well.

Thanks for being such responsive. salute.gif

If you don't use Imageshack, do you always have to up-load pic from your com??will you have trouble if your com break down..I mean pics in your threads wouldn't be forever gone?? - - a

Again, Thanks so much.

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will you have trouble if your com break down..I mean pics in your threads wouldn't be forever gone??  - - a

Again, Thanks so much.

If your pc brakes down then your images on the internet won't be gone.




Q1. Two possible answers:

a) The problem lies with them: trouble with their server or something.

cool.gif The problem lies with you: you have used the wrong link or code. Investigate this yourself.


Q2. I searched the Imageshack website and there is no information about merging accounts. I asume this is not possible.


Q3. Maybe you need to logout when you are finished, or the computer will remember your login and pasword. It will then automatically use that login.

If it was me who had this problem I would search my 'cookies', but I don't think that is something you are ready for, since it could get you into a lot of trouble.


Q4. Here are some alternatives, search the link in Google:

- Flickr: 20 MB/month << I use this one, because of the options

- Photobucket: max. 25 MB.

- Fotopic: max. to 250 MB.

- ImageVenue: unlimited.

- ImegeShack: unlimited.

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Thanks so much, Orioni, for your respond. biggrin.gif


The problem on slow and page error when attach pictures was because I attached high resolution pictures...not exceeding limit but almost...Thus, I just resave them in 75% resolution (5.2M pix camera) and the size were halfly reduced.... cool.gif


About merging account, I really appreciate your time...I also tried to look around but their FAQ were limited.... I'll work sth out...probably stick to the larger gallery and left another idle.... rolleyes.gif


About "cookies", I have set my com to auto delete cookies every 7 days..... sad.gif


For the other choices of Hosting sites.. Thank you very much..... biggrin.gif


Again, thanks sooo much....you are our great helper... angel-smiley-008.gif

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