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At Last...koku Expands...

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Koku expands...

Koku kingdom is unfortunate for its barren, inhospitable landscape...and we have long been waiting for the time we can stretch our land for residence, and cultivation.... sad.gif

In light of the 500 Million population is exceeded?King Koku shortly returned from his vacation in Cha-PM province and approved the Government and Senates? appeal for expansion. King Koku has sent his letter to the leader of Wild Picts to express his intention on the peaceful expansion to the plot near Wild Picts. tongue.gif

Kokian exploration team consisting construction engineers, Botanists, Zoologists, Irregation experts, accompanied by Kokian National guards are building their bases at several locations of the wilderness of plot 76. salute.gif

Initial reports from bases showed favorable information regarding richness of soil and water sources? There have been many species animal found? yet, only animal till now?. news.gif

While the people of Koku kingdom is eagerly following up news on the exploration via Kokian network news, Embassadors of Koku is communicating to Europa friend nations to avoid any objection. Koku kingdom?s policy mainly focus on trade and peaceful collaborations and the prosperity of the whole Europa region. The kingdom remains open for comments on this expansion.... biggrin.gif

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To: Koku

From: Darkol


We've just read your desire to expand to plot 76. Seeing as you posted it on the 17th of May, and We posted our request for the same spot on the Tenth, we seem to have you at a disadvantage. Argenland has confirmed our request for it, too.

We're very interested in that plot, it has a river, it's nice and peacefully situated. Wouldn't you be interested in another plot?


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It would be easier for a new nation looking for somewhere to start up to move plots. There are only a certain number of border territories Koku can expand into, whilst there are hundreds of plots like 76 elsewhere where a nation can start up. Koku does have a lot of backing for this move too.

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Wouldn't you be interested in another plot?

So sorry, Darkol, for the same aim. sad.gif I didn't see your post, and just came back from my vacation...

The point is that Koku have limited plot to expand... sad.gif If I go left, I have to discuss with Amnalos or Orioni... southeast with Enchantress...

Actually south require liaise with Wild Picts, luckily, he would give me this lee way because the new map expansion enable him to extend south, southwest or southeast in the future.

I would really appreciate it if you, having more options, do not have objection to my southward expansion to this #76. biggrin.gif


@ Pirilao: Thanks so much. wink.gif


@ Ide Jima: If you click to add new post or to reply, you will see many smilie faces on the left side of the space you type in text... Look right below those many smilie you will see the link "Show All" ...There..Click it an you will have more choices... Have fun.. tongue.gifwink.gifcurtianpeek.gif

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Does this mean you will be starting some more trade negotiations soon? wink.gif




I know it's none of my business, but since you're such a busy member, why don't you have any cities on the map? No port, no capital, no nothing. Will the new land be empty as well?

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... some more trade negotiations soon? wink.gif

... any cities on the map? No port, no capital, no nothing....

blink.gif Lot's of asking....I'm blushed with guilt.... biggrin.gif

Wellllllll......Actually, I had thought of having some cities and roads but was pretty busy..and BZ our old map maker was away, so I took it as my excuse... huh.gif


rolleyes.gif Did some sketch while I was at the sea... very soon, my lady...very soon....


Hmm.... about the trade...It seems 4-5 people respond well... there are many others who haven't respond to my 3rd reminders... hmm... got to change the strategy of posting that RP-trade.....

biggrin.gif Green with guilt that I was a bad merchant... biggrin.gif

*stomp several times* Say, I'll work on it. salute.gif

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As Argenland: You have my support. As Cartographer: Sorry, you are late. Darkol was claiming his plot and I can't refuse it. Sorry. sad.gif

laugh.gif Thanks for your support.


As Cartgrapher, I ask that you wait until Darkol respond to my above post before making any amendment on #76. wink.gif I still hope for his understanding... smile.gif


For plot 104 or 79, I have explained the situation in the above reply to Darkol. salute.gif

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