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Jeremiah Stapp of Solonsus Bids Everyone Good Day.

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The empire of Solonsus that I run was once a corrupt Muslim nation, rife with terrorism and absolutism. Having changed that through a surprisingly successful military coup, I now govern the nation as High Cleric and Most Devout Dictator. Thanks to me, many practices that I found to be un-Christian have been outlawed, and the True religon now flourishes. I forsee great success for this nation, and many thanks to those who may endorse us. The prosperous focus of our beloved country can spread and hopefully infect other, close nations that have not yet seen God's wonderful light, and have not accepted the glory of Jesus.



OOC: I share almost none of this guy's beliefs. He just slithered into my head one day, I swear. God-damned religous freaks.



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