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Secede In Aslamia

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It was time for the Annual meeting in the largest Aslamian city, Doventrias. A poor, skinny, pale man suggested to the aslamian council that a new house could be created called "The House of Plutenite". This idea was taken into consideration but was vetoed after a series of voting. The same man, in that same year came to an island off the coast of mainland Aslamia, but nonetheless, an aslamian island. This man, and 5,000 other opressed ones seceded and became "The Empire of Plutenite" A war soon broke out, starting with a Plutenetian attack on Doventrias. Aslamia decided to blockade Plutenite. In the Dove Sea, however, a blockade ship blown off course from a storm was spotted by citizens of Oceania, the capital of Plutenite. Oceania immediatly took action, and the ship called for reinforcements. On that day, November 22 1993, over 50,000 aslamians were killed ,the war was over, and Plutenite became a free nation.






*Thank you for your time*

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Man...I just watched The Kingdom of Heaven and this is in similar mood...... smile.gif


Welcome Aslamia. salute.gif


Hope the war is over and let's build a greater nation, a greater region.... pinkelephant23.gif


Explore and Enjoy Europa. smile.gif

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ah, welcome Aslamia, hope you have a good time here... you look as though you can RP fairly wel, so you should be more than welcome here.


and as the traditional Philian welcoming ritual goes, here is your traditional Philian welcoming pie: this week, a blueberry and gooseberry mixture, topped with an icing sugar glaze...

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