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Pictures of Europa


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Are you aware that freedom fighting is only a thin cover for terrorism? Your proposed allegiance to any madman trying to oppose europa is an anathema to everything Burgundy-Brabant stands for, and i would warn anyone reading this thread not to be drawn in by these lies. See my thread to find out what happens to traitors in Burgundy-Brabant!

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Strange, I didn't noticed this before. This thread contained some pictures of this nation. Klopstokia must have edited them out.


The thing is, Klopstokia was being annoying, sending nasty telegrams to Vanarambaion, spewing some insults too, even after he was asked to knock it off.



Anyway, he left in anger to his own region "Aquatia". This all happened months ago, back in August, and in the meanwhile his nation died from inactivity.


I'm locking this topic now.

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