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Macfernagh Brings Ale!

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Good Afternoon, I'm First Chancellor MacFernagh of the Principality of Quon Tali. I bring you the regards of my master, Prince Ladislaus Raczynski. My nation is young, but we hope to make an impact.

My master is young and recently elected, so most of your dealings will be with me. I hope my gift of ale will be received well!

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thats not an alien! thats a frog!


anyway, Welcome to the region MacFernagh! and may you're stay here be a happy one! i'll take that ale... don't want it falling into the wriong hands... wink.gif


And here is your traditional Philian welcome Pie, this week, in honor of your present to us, it is a Beef and Ale pie, with mushrooms and a thick gravy, there is also a thick helping of chedder Mash on the side for you. Enjoy!


EDIT: oh, and according to certain visitors, our region has been described as ''kooky'', so don't mind Haken, he's alwqays like this...

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Well, never let it be said that the King of the Pictish Wilderness couldn't be enticed by drink... Pity that Phil *drank* it all already!


In gratitude for your kindness and as a welcome to the region, try our home-brewed cider. Never mind that it's unfiltered, it's better that way... not like those watered-down things you find in other nations... (Don't drink it all at once though--it may "impare" your vision).


King Adric Son of Valdis




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