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Has Pot Left The Building??

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see i stopped RPing and going to the forums for a reason. one reason is NOBODY ever took into account this...


The Largest Defense Forces (per capita) in Europa


Nations ranked high on this list spend disproportionately large amounts of money on national defense, and are most secure against foreign aggression.


1. The Stoner Sanctuary of Stoned Smurfs


no one would take into account the UN list and did what they wanted to. massive fleets of ships would just slip past my defences as well as travel from half way around Europa in a blink of an eye.


just thought i'd rant...





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In the end it comes down to personal perspective and in this case I agree with Pot.


Take a look at the forum right now and you'd be forced to the conclusion that certain nations were spending most of their income on the military, but if you look at their real rankings - they are nowhere to be seen!


If you guys are happy playing like that then I wish you best of luck, as for me I've moved on to a region where they take a more realitic view - perhaps that's why they have so many billion+ nations?


Wish you all well.

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I am not having a go at you. Simply put, though, work with a small army for a while build alliances (you already have them) and remember small armies aren't always bad (a small, well trained and equiped army will, more often than not, trash the pants of a huge army made up of untrained rabble. Consider the tactics a small army might use. Consider other forms of non-traditional armed projection (I'm not trying to lead you anywhere here...). Moreover, military solutions aren't always the answer. Also remember large states don't always have large armies. Note how i justify both IC and OOC my armies characteristics (although their still based on my nations stats).


I have arised the problems here a number of times now. I really think nations need to think a little bit more realistically. Otherwise we will continue to lose rpers to other regions.

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We have rules. Not many use them though. This is my unofficial plug for everyone to look at the War Rules section of the military RP. Anyway, I agree, does Pot really want to have free reign to have the only big military in the region? If we RPed everything exactly, well then I think that would be boring. Countries in the southern areas would never be able to interact with those in norther, and vice versa. Mostly we keep each other in check. If he's sour, that's too bad, his nonprescence will be noticed

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Pot left before. I missed him then, and I do now. rain.gif




Regarding a solution: I have been thinking about some good RP rules which could be easily used. Some simple math is involved, as well as our map.



I would start by defining the actual size of the map, which would make it possible to calculate distances. We could create a blanco map with a grid on top, which would make it possible to calculate step 2. It could look like this:

user posted image



After that, we could agree on the speed of vehicles, and their autonomy.

  • For example: a submarine can travel XX grids per day.
  • For example: an airplane can travel XX grids per day, and needs to refuel after XX grids. Aircraftcarriers can make it possible for airplanes to cross oceans.
Thus, things that need to be decided are: travelspeed and refueling.
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what about Navies that make exclusive use of Hydrofoil vessals like the Jaihu?

Well, if they use a lot of fuel, you would have to refuel often. This is where your allies could come into play.


@ Ak: Where is the money you owe us?


Note: Discussion with Akiiryu continued here

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