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Triple J Cup


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Report of the Jaihuian World News


On May 2, the most amazing thing occured... The Holy Confederacy of Vanarambaion announced it's national policy on the Jaihuistic Jaihudom of Jaihu was to ignore it. Upon hearing this amazing news, Jaihu Jaihu of the Jaihu declared May "Vanarambaion Indifference Month".


Since this declaration there have been special events throughout the nation. Events include street parties, bake sales, quilt shows and Vanarambaion berry pie eating contests among other events. If there is one thing that the Jaihuian people are known for... It's finding a way to celebrate the indifference expressed as a national policy from a new neighbor.


The Jaihuistic Jaihudom of Jaihu, or `Triple J` as the Vanarambaion affectionately calls it, has invited the world to celebrate along with it. Jaihu Jaihu of the Jaihu, in keeping with the Jaihuian desire for exchanges in sport has announced a Special VIM Ice Hockey Tournament where participating teams will compete for the Triple J Cup. Nations wishing to compete have until May 20 to announce their intention to compete in this Tournament and are requested to submit their roster no later than that date.






If your nation wishes to compete for the Triple J Cup, you must complete this form:


National Team:

Home Colours (2):

Away Colours (2):

Team Coach:


Backup Goaltender:

Backup Goaltender:








Left Wing:


Right Wing:

Left Wing:


Right Wing:

Left Wing:


Right Wing:

Left Wing:


Right Wing:


3 additional spares you determine their position:



The number of Teams that enter will determine the format of the Tournament... and all games will be simmed.



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National Team: Triple J Ice Breakers

Home Colours (2): Blue with white stripes

Away Colours (2): Yellow with Green

Team Coach: Carlos De Silva

Goaltender: James Baker

Backup Goaltender: Ken Roy

Backup Goaltender: Patrick Brodeur

Defense: Jay Bourque

Defense: Jerry Robinson

Defense: Larry Walker

Defense: Tommy `Two Ton`Thomas

Defense: Billy `the butcher`D`Jaihu

Defense: Walter Rogers

Defense: Sammy Samuels

Left Wing: Steve D`Jaihu

Centre: Carl D`Jaihu

Right Wing: Bubba Baxter

Left Wing: Stanley Makita

Centre: Steve Witz

Right Wing: Jake Paris

Left Wing: Paul Kuhn

Centre: Timmy Timmins

Right Wing: Joshua Too Too

Left Wing: Ethan Evans

Centre: Jacob Blue

Right Wing: Eli Blue


3 additional spares you determine their position:


Centre: Claude Smyth

Forward: Antonio Tedesco

Forward: Luis Blitzer

Triple J`s Roster

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*Karthene News Network*


The SMC is currently voting on which regiment it will be sending to the tournament in Jaihu to play. This is beacuse no-one could agree, due to the fact that whoever is sent will only represent one of the five peoples of the Federation. The nominated regiments are


The Stormcoat Cowboys (the 15th Azerii Marines)- Azerii

The Grinning Leopard Battalion- Garan

The Wayrider Battalion- Karthene

The Fist of the West- Corinthian

The Drakengard Guard- Feday


This is the first event in which the new members of the Federation, the Feday, can compete. But the Chairwoman of the SMC, General Redbreath, says this is not a factor. "We will only select the unit we think is most likely to win"

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National Team: Karthenia (The Stormcoat Cowboy Battalion)

Home Colours (2):Black with red stripes

Away Colours (2):red with green stripes

Team Coach: Colonel Yann Mazair

Goaltender: Trooper Blas Textar

Backup Goaltender:Trooper Illian Bli

Backup Goaltender: Corporal Ten Alban

Defense:Captain Tyrell Everny

Defense:Sergeant Poiy Remant

Defense:Trooper Gyt Hyman

Defense:Trooper Ty Bli

Defense:Corporal Blas Bli

Defense:Lieutenant Ui Wertas

Defense:Trooper Yayl Redgewinf

Left Wing:Trooper Cos Minn

Centre:Sergeant Jui Kiloa

Right Wing:Sergeant Janh Kiloa

Left Wing:Captain Blas Ryr

Centre:Major Paulus Det

Right Wing:Trooper Ryanwood Ytter

Left Wing:Quartermaster-Sergeant Leo Tyren

Centre:Trooper Urgas Felty

Right Wing:Trooper Yron Uid

Left Wing:Trooper Yuf Massdon

Centre:Trooper Ople Ytter

Right Wing:Corporal Dan Vyf


3 additional spares you determine their position:


Forward- Trooper Lyon Gayt

Right Wing- Trooper Hui Kiloa

Centre- Sergeant Yttruia Grane


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Free-Ekainak will send a team to represent!


National Team: Free-Ekainak (Los Pira?itas Donostianos)

Home Colours (2): Red and Black divided into four areas

Away Colours (2): Gold and Red divided into Four areas

Team Coach: Don Roberto Gilipollas

Goaltender: Vitto Impuesto

Backup Goaltender: Nosoy Tan Bueno

Backup Goaltender: Yosoy Pesimo

Defense: Temeto Bala

Defense: Temeto Chaveta

Defense: Temeto Pinga

Defense: A. Nexodro Jr.

Defense: Lebenzinko Bala

Defense: Juan Bastardo

Defense: Loli Rebueno

Left Wing: Ibrahim Izquierdista

Centre: Inde Cisivo

Right Wing: Abubakar

Left Wing: Joey Jamson

Centre: Huancho Barril

Right Wing: Alberto Se-corrio-a-nipon

Left Wing: Cesar Camachocucho

Centre: Federiko Tuvieja

Right Wing: Arranka Gezinko

Left Wing: Fulano de Tal

Centre: El "Homeboy" de Trujillo

Right Wing: John Johnson



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National Team: Argenland National Team.

Home Colours (2): White with light blue.

user posted image

Away Colours (2): Black with light blue.

user posted image

Team Coach: Sergio Levalle

Goaltender: Federico Hellmund

Backup Goaltender: Javier Cerez

Backup Goaltender: Patricio Lung

Defense: Jorge Borges

Defense: Emanuel Sierra

Defense: Luis Baros

Defense: Tomas Fierro

Defense: Carlos Hernandez

Defense: Walter Rodriguez

Defense: Samuel Torres

Left Wing: Esteban Marahuano

Centre: Carlos Chapia

Right Wing: Nicolas Zaens

Left Wing: Gabriel Znarovic

Centre: Sebastian Serez

Right Wing: Juan Madrid

Left Wing: Pablo Echeverria

Centre: Jorge Banderas

Right Wing: Jose Liric

Left Wing: Matias Pares

Centre: Matias D'Alessio

Right Wing: Maximiliano Weirz


3 additional spares you determine their position:


Centre: Caludio Mnedo

Forward: Manuel Torilli

Forward: Nestor Krachz [/code]

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    • By Orioni
      The 2018 UENA World Cup will be the 3rd round of the international football tournament contested by the men's national teams of the member associations of UENA. It is scheduled to take place in Orioni from June to July 2018. This will be the first World Cup held in Orioni.
      The tournament will involve 16 national teams, which include 15 teams determined through qualifying competitions and the automatically qualified host team. A total of 31 matches will be played at venues located in 14 cities. The opening match will take place on June 14th at the Zuidmax Stadium in Zuidhaven. The final will take place on July 14th at the New National Stadium in O'polis.
      The choice for official World Cup anthem was made by the Andro Academy of Fine Arts. From half a dozen nomitions, the preference went to L'Été Oriental by Baloji, a musician-refugee from the war-torn nation of Afropa.
      Participants (A-Z)
      With regional qualifications started in March 2018, the current and final roster includes the following 16 nations:
      Adaptus (team) Asgeirria (team) Cristina (team) Derthalen (team) Eurofuhrer, The Fulgistan (team) Gallambria (team) Iverica (team) Mauridiviah (team) Morheim Orioni (team) Prymont (team) Selayar (team) Shffahkia (team) Sunset Sea Islands (team) Variota (team) Group of 16
      The draw for the final tournament will take place on June 13th at the Palace of Arts in Andro, Orioni. The hour-long ceremony will be hosted by Atalan Phoenike and Debora Bozena, television presenters from the host country.
      Group A : Orioni (host), Derthalen, Shffahkia, Variota Group B : Adaptus, Fulgistan, Iverica, Selayar Group C : Asgeirria, The_Eurofuhrer, Gallambria, Mauridiviah Group D : Cristina, Morheim, Prymont, Sunset Sea Islands
      (Reference link to the above spreadsheet.)
      Group Phase
      The teams finishing in the top two positions in each of the four groups progress to the quarter-finals, while the bottom two teams are eliminated from the tournament. Tiebreaker rules will apply.
      First matches
      Group A match 1: Orioni v Derthalen (June 14 in Zuidmax Stadium, Zuidhaven) Group A match 2: Shffahkia v Variota (June 15 in Vega Big Arch, Vega) Group B match 1: Adaptus v Fulgistan (June 16 in Breguet Stadium, Nordhaven) Group B match 2: Iverica v Selayar (June 17 in Azadi Stadium, Perseus) Group C match 1: Asgeirria v The_Eurofuhrer (June 18 in CCC Arena, Corona Borealis) Group C match 2: Gallambria v Mauridiviah (June 19 in Siena Fleet Park, Cygnus) Group D match 1: Cristina v Morheim (June 20 in Andro Arena, Andro ) Group D match 2: Prymont v Sunset Sea Islands (June 21 in MedPharm Dome, Meda) Second matches
      Group A match 3: Orioni v Shffahkia (June 22 in Green Stadium, Gruis) Group A match 4: Derthalen v Variota (June 23 in New National Stadium, O'polis) Group B match 3: Adaptus v Iverica (June 24 in Pontus Athletic Stadium, Pontus) Group B match 4: Fulgistan v Selayar (June 25 in Breguet Stadium, Nordhaven) Group C match 3: Asgeirria v Gallambria (June 26 in Canvas Stadium, Dion) Group C match 4: The_Eurofuhrer v Mauridiviah (June 27 in CCC Arena, Corona Borealis) Group D match 3: Cristina v Prymont (June 28 in Oris City Stadium, Oris) Group D match 4: Morheim v Sunset Sea Islands (June 29 in Andro Arena, Andro) Third matches
      Group A match 5: Orioni v Variota (June 30 in Vega Big Arch, Vega) Group A match 6: Derthalen v Shffahkia (June 30 in Green Stadium, Gruis) Group B match 5: Adaptus v Selayar (July 1 in Azadi Stadium, Perseus) Group B match 6: Fulgistan v Iverica (July 1 in Sirius Savings Stadium, Sirius) Group C match 5: Asgeirria v Mauridiviah (July 2 in Siena Fleet Park, Cygnus) Group C match 6: The_Eurofuhrer v Gallambria (July 2 in Canvas Stadium, Dion) Group D match 5: Cristina v Sunset Sea Islands (July 3 in MedPharm Dome, Meda) Group D match 6: Prymont v Morheim (July 3 in Oris City Stadium, Oris) Knockout Phase
      In the knockout phase, extra time and a penalty shoot-out are used to decide the winner if necessary.
      Quarter-final 1 Variata (group A winner) v Cristina (group D runner-up) (July 6 in MedPharm Dome, Meda) Quarter-final 2 Selayar (group B winner) v Gallambria (group C runner-up) (July 6 in Canvas Stadium, Dion) Quarter-final 3 Asgeirria (group C winner) v Iverica (group B runner-up) (July 7 in Breguet Stadium, Nordhaven) Quarter-final 4 Sunset Sea Islands (group D winner) v Derthalen (group A runner-up) (July 7 in Sirius Savings Stadium, Sirius) Semi-finals
      Semi-final 1 Variota (QF1 winner) v Gallambria (QF2 winner) (July 10 in Andro Arena, Andro) Semi-final 2 (QF3 winner) v (QF4 winner) (July 11 in Zuidmax Stadium, Zuidhaven) Final
      Third place play-off Gallambria (SF1 loser) v Iverica (SF2 loser) (July 14 in Sirius Savings Stadium, Sirius) Final semi-final 1 Variota (SF1 winner) v Sunset Sea Islands (SF2 winner) (July 15 in New National Stadium, O'polis) Game Mechanics
      The OOC signup topic can be consulted here. http://www.europans.com/?showtopic=4701
      Room for reply
      As host and game master for this RP, I will be generating random match results with the FIFA Football Match Generator. I will copypaste the results in this topic. Each match will be generated only once so the results are random. After the results are posted, each participant in the match is welcome to RP the story of their team. I will leave 2 days or 48 hours for you to reply with an RP story. This is not an obligation, but will earn you the advantage of a "second chance".
      Gain a higher chance of winning
      Players who reply with RP a story of at least 300 words will be awarded a "second chance" in the next match, meaning: I will generate two match results. This feature serves to reward active participation.
      One RP player. Should one of these two results be in favour of the player who RP'ed the story of their last match, then the favourable result will be chosen. Should a "second chance" deliver two bad results for the player who RP'd, then the result that is least negative for their side is chosen. Two RP players. This "second chance" is ignored if both players RP'd their last match.
    • By Upper Strathyclyde
      National League - Season to Start Soon
      Stockholm Badgers - 0-0-0
      Oslo Sand Sharks - 0-0-0
      US Army Football - 0-0-0
      Komzestan National Team - 0-0-0
      Free Anarchy National Elite - 0-0-0
      Stockholm Versus Komzestan - Stockholm
      Oslo Versus Free Anarchy National - Oslo
      Komzestan Versus US Army - TIE
      Stockhom Versus Free Anarchy - Stockholm
      Oslo Versus Stockhom - Stockholm
      Free anarchy Bowl - Stockholm vs Oslo
    • By Chairon
      Sport is not huge in Chairon but the one game that has attracted a sizeable following is, oddly enough, Aussie Rules. Seems the previous Araban was a bit of a footy buff, having encountered it on a diplomatic trip overseas, and the game kind of took off from there.
      There's 5 teams in the league. Fifteen rounds a season, teams play each other three times and the top two sides play in the Grand Final to decide the champion.
      Here's the results from Round 1, 2006.

      Morecia North v Morecia South 2. 2 (14)   5.0 (30) 6. 5 (41)   7.3 (45) 12. 8 (80)   7.6 (48) 16.12 (108) 10.9 (69) Goals: North: Baker 6, Neville 3          South: Hayden 6 Summary: In the local derby, the Hawks overcame a sluggish start to overwhelm the Swans by 39 points. Bill Baker and Tom Hayden kicked 6 goals each. Swans ruckman Victor Charles was reported for striking in the third quarter. Archo   v  Destin 4. 4 (28)   5.3 (33) 4. 8 (32)   9.3 (57) 5.12 (42)  12.5 (77) 5.12 (42)  19.8 (122) Goals:  Archo : Callahan 2           Destin: Vincenzi 7, Pryor 4, Slade 2 Summary: Archo were humiliated at home by the classy Destin side. Teenage sensation Arcangelo Vincenzi kicked seven on debut, while veteran Peter Slade dominated in the midfield. George Callahan was the best for a woeful Lions team that looks set for another horror season. Parrian had the bye this week.
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