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Start Of Commercial Space Tourism

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The tamurinian company "Galactic Adventures AG" offers sub-orbital trips for tourists!


In close cooperation with the tamurinian space agency, especially the OG-1/OT-1-program (see here: Early Tamurinian Space Program), "Galactic Adventures" designed the "Explorer 1"-spacecraft. It will be launched on top of a T-15F-transporter and then rise to a maximum altitude of 150 km. It will stay there for about 1 hour and then re-enter the atmosphere. The whole trip will take 3-4 hours.


user posted image


Explorer 1, painted image


The Explorer 1 successfully launched on february 22nd, 2005 from Arrabar AFB. Now, two "Explorers" are ready to go, three more are being built. The CEO of "Galactic Adventures": "We will buy as many "Explorers" as necessary to fulfill the wishes of our future customers. We won't stop the development here - my dream is a space tourism industry that offers flights to the moon and maybe to Mars and Venus as well."


"Galactic Adventures" won't stop there. The CEO: "We will offer commercial transports as soon as possible. "Explorer 1"'s maximum altitude is not that high, but high enough for weather satellites and military satellites. And since we can re-use all equipment - we don't have one-use-only-rockets - we're much cheaper than government space agencies."


The OG-1-program is now finished. The OG-2 will soon continue where the OG-1 stopped. The goal is a space aircraft that can reach a stable orbit of 36.000 km, where communication satellites are being deployed. The "Explorer 2" shall be constructed upon the OG-2.


user posted image


OG-1's last flight, March 2005


user posted image


The next step to space - the OG-2


Commercial flights start today. The price is 5000 $ for one person.


"We get subsidies from the government. Without that, the price would be around 150.000 $. But, if all goes well, we won't need any subsidies in one year - we just have to have enough tourists."

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