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Signature/banner: Akiiryu

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I'd love a banner for Akiiryu. Flag based if possible. I am no artist (God I sweated over Akkiryu's flag) so I thought I'd leave open to the talented people here.


Once made (if any of you guys are good enough to take the challenge on) how do I paste it to my signture?

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Nice, however - and this isn't meant to be insulting to anyone - it reminds me too much of Eire and I'm not a big fan of the colour Orange. I like the mirrored black and white stags though. Maybe a full green back ground with the red and the blue of Akiiryu?

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How do I put it in my signature?  Walk through the whole process VERY SLOWLY.

1. Scroll to top of page.

2. Click "My controls".

3. Click "Edit Signature" (look for "Personal Profile").

4. Paste the following code into the empty field


5. Press "Update my signature".

6. Sit back and enjoy your stag roaming the green fields of Akiiryu our forum.

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