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Amnalos Expands Westwards

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With Amnalos's population fast approaching the 500 million mark, overcrowding has become a concern. The Emperor and both Houses of Parliament have therefore decided to settle the plot of land directly to the west of Amnalos, including the small island half way to the western continent; the move will be made when the 500 millionth citizen is born.



The Emperor wishes to know if there are any objections to Amnalos's planned expansion.

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I don't want to be the bad, but... why you can't wait and let me organize by plots the map? 'cuz I thinked that every island or group of small island will be a plot. So, I suggest to you wait and in the next update you can claim what you want.


Please, don't hate me. wink.gif

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Okay Argenland I can wait until you've divvied up the new land masses into plots. The section to my west has red borders already so that should not be confusing. Also, when Byzantium Nova was doing the map, small islands like the one I wanted nominally belonged to the neighbouring plot. Under that scheme the island in question would be associated with either the plot I want or some other plot on the new western landmass.


If I understand you right, you want to make this island a plot on its own despite it being so small. If that's the case I obviously have no claim to it. If not, I want it to be part of my claimed territory.


I know you've been busy with the map extension and I don't want to over work you.

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