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Good Afternoon and welcome to the four thirty news

?In today?s leading and most important story, we go live to the new missile launch facility in central Niederoestereich, our reporter Tipsy Mc Stagger?

?Yes, thank you Kent, today Niederoestereich takes its first step in exploration of the bounds greater then Earth.

user posted image

The new exploration satellite Gamma I is set launch in just 5minutes time, as the crews pre-check the launch vehicle (rocket) named ?Woomera?, scientists and nerds alike are awaiting to see how successful Gamma I will be at photographing and 3d imaging the surface of Venus.

The new space exploration facility rests upon or within the military missile testing range of Yass Delta. It is quite cloudy today, but the launch will still go ahead. Only military personal, government officials, leading scientists and government approved news stations have been given access to this important day?oh wait a second, the red flags have gone up and the count down is about to start. The national anthem has just commenced as the crowd stands to farewell the old era and brings in the new. We now listen the speakers scattered across the fields?












Rocket ignition and liftoff of Niederoestereichs first exploration vehicle Gamma I bound for the second planet orbiting the sun, Venus.

user posted image

? As the rocket sores into the upper atmosphere, the fiery trail left in its wake fill the sky with joy. I?m Tipsy Mc Stagger for NTV?


Stay tuned for today?s results of the national census, sport and military news.


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The aide walked down the corridor, towards the ornate wooden door at the end of the corridor. Either side of him walked Ide Jiman guards, he knocked on the door, and a slurred voice shouted ?enter!?


Behind the desk sat the Ide Jiman president, looking very tired and obviously suffering from a hangover after opening a new chain of government owned vineyards the previous day?


President: What is it??


Aide: Sir, as our leader it is your duty to make a statement, Niederoestereich has launched a space program?


President: Don?t talk so loudly ? So, they?ve gone into space?


Aide: Yes sir?


President: Excellent, send them my regards, Ide Jima is pleased at the entry of Kant into the Europan space nations? And as a congratulatory gesture, send Niederostereich a crate of Cigars, Ide Jima?s finest?


Aide: Yessir ? one more thing ?


President: What?


Aide: The people?s congress suggested the founding of a Europan space agency. There now seems to be a large number of Europan nations in space. Maybe it would be a good idea for international relations?


President: I dunno ? drop it into the telegram ? see what happens?





TO: Niederoestereich

FROM: Ide Jima

RE: Congratulations

Congratulations to our Europan brothers in Niederoestereich. We are happy to see that the nation of Kant has entered the Europan space nation group. We have sent some of Ide Jima?s finest cigars with this contact as a congratulatory gesture. We hope that your space program will flourish and will help your nation greatly. Maybe with all these space nations in Europa it is time for a space agency, Who Knows?


Best Regards,


The Ide Jiman commissariat for external affairs.


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