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Expanding The Map?

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Well, im seeing that if a nation must expand, it will do it in the territories of the north. This affect to the countries who have their capitals cities here. It can be:

  • West (create a new continent)
  • South (Expanding the land)
  • East (Expanding the land)
  • North (but it can't change the situation)

I wait yours ideas. wink.gif


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Nice work but AAAGGGGHHHH! Is there anyway I could shift all of my territories to the new west so I can be on the edge of the map in the corner? Like take all the land to the west of the river with RiverTown (in the Callonian Empire), and just throw it west, into the top left corner. I would very much like to be in the very northwest corner, that's why I asked my nation to be placed where it is.

Please do think about this.


Btw, great work on the map man.

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Noitan: I don't have problem. But (I hate this word) I don't know that this is legal. Please, talk with an admin and make sure that this is possible. I don't have problem to do it 'cuz there are some clicks for me.


Don't hate me for this. wink.gif

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