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The Most Serene Republic of Selene2u

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Hello Neighbours,


The Most Serene Republic of Selene2u is a country of Greek descent(sp?)

(I am not sure of our history just yet smile.gif )

Our mother tongue is Greek but most people speak English and a range of other languages.Education plays a major role in our country as does tourism.

The capital is Sun City (it is the hottest part of our land) another major city is Moon City.

Our country is mostly surrounded by beautiful beaches where the dolphins like to frolic and play with the people.

Like I mentioned our main source of income is tourism and agriculture.

Tourists come for the great beaches and weather And because marijauna and magic mushrooms are legal here..We grow everything ourselves...We have the best weather for it.


Please be advised that all manmade drugs are ILLEGAL!

Alcohol is permitted for ages 18 and over...


We are a peaceful people and enjoy meeting all cultures...


I will add more later smile.gif

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