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Ide Jima Invades 120 And 121

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Ide Jiman News Network



Today the 10th Ide Jiman fleet spearheaded the invasion of 120 and 121. Although only a support fleet, the amphibious attack ships proved highly useful. Around 20,000 Marines have landed here at the newly founded settlement of Xian Mekongua, there is a strong military presence here after the airforce reported seeing several native settlements inland.


As I speak, settlers are travelling from the Ide Jiman mainland to live here. There is no shortage of settlers, after the harvest in the mountains of 102 was bad. Behind me several Ide Jiman marines are setting up howitzer emplacements. Obviously we don't know as much as the government does in this field but it looks like they are expecting attack, probably from native folk.


This is Yu - Daxao repoting for the INN



The colonel switched off the TV. He turned to his aide, he was clearly very angry...


Colonel: How the Hell did the press get in here!?


Aide: I..I don't know s..sir!


Colonel: Attack from the bloody natives!? It's a security precaution... if the settlers see that they'll go ape!


Aide: What should we do?


Colonel: Let it slip for once. Go and find those reporters shut down their broadcast.


Aide: Yessir...!


*Gunshots outside*


Colonel: What now!?


Aide: One of the scouting parties sir, they're being chased out of the jungle


Colonel: !? By natives? I thought they were passive around here...


Aide: Clearly not...


The colonel walks to the door of the tent and watches, as 4 of the scout party run down the hill, bloodied and injured being chased by hundred of mysterious figures.

One of the rangers stumbles and falls with an arrow in his back, then some of the gunfire starts up. In the distance there is an ominous thud as some sort of crude cannon fires. The ball hits a tent killing a sentry and wounding three others.


Colonel: 7 and 8 companies to me! ... Fire!


The marines start to pour concentrated fire back at the natives but they are being overwhelmed. In one corner of the encampment natives take a group of 40 Ide Jiman settlers captive. The marines fall back to a amphibious assault craft on the beach, and start to use it's heavy machine guns to mow down natives. But still they pour from the uncharted interior of the new part of Ide Jima...


Marine: We can't hold them for long!


Colonel: Get air support... radio the Junta, tell them to send more troops... What about the ship?


Marine: Well and truly beached sir we're gonna need a very high tide to get in the water...


Colonel: We are going to have to hold out for as long as possible... all the other landings are too far south or north of here to send help...

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At the beach encampment? which had come under heavy native attack?


Marine: Sir the Government has contacted us back!


Colonel: And??


Marine: Three TU ? 160 bombers are on their way to launch a carpet bombing of the cliffs. There is also a large airborne relief force on the way?

Colonel: How many paratroopers?


Marine: 4,000


Colonel: ! There are only 150 men on this beach. We shall make those natives pay. 140 settlers taken captive, 40 marines dead, most of one group of rangers dead, and us stranded here after a surprise attack. They shall pay, our revenge shall be bloody?


Marine: Sir! The men on the bridge have spotted the planes! We?re saved!


Colonel: Over there?




Several miles away, several gigantic TU ? 160 bombers are approaching, the sunlight reflecting off their gigantic superstructure.


Marine: Get Down! Here come the bombs!


A bloodcurdling whistle fills the air, moments later a huge sucking noise occurs before the rim of the beach, lined with native sharpshooters turns to a wall of fire. Screams can be heard as the bombs crackle on inland?


Colonel: C?mon, everyone out of the boat, we need to secure an area for the paratroopers...


The marines charge out of the boat clutching QBZ assault rifles, quickly killing any injured natives on the beach and re manning the perimeter. In amongst the ruins of tents 7 badly injured marines are found. Several hours later after all the paratroopers are safely landed, the Ide Jimans expand the perimeter and give the all clear for more troops to come?


That evening though, a grim discovery is made at the edge of the woods?


Colonel: Corporal Juntao! Why haven?t you returned to the camp yet!


Corporal Juntao: ?


Colonel: Answer me!


Corporal Juntao: ?The bastards ? the utter bastards?


Colonel: What! Don?t talk to me like tha? What the hell!


Corporal Juntao: There can be no forgiveness; there are women and children here! Slaughtered like cattle?


Colonel: Serekan shall hear of this? no native lives shall be spared ? Rivers of blood shall flow?


At the edge of the forest in a clearing the bodies of 140 Ide Jiman settlers are found, all decapitated or with slit throats. The Ide Jiman colonel is furious, and the atrocity is reported to Serekan. The next day, the people?s congress passes an unrestricted warfare act, allowing the Ide Jiman army to use any means necessary to destroy native resistance and culture in areas 120 and 121?


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Ide Jima once again proves what a danger they present to the nations of Europa and humanity in general. Akiiryu calls on the nations of Europa to condemn the genocidal invasion of plots 120 and 121 by Ide Jiman forces. This is not an isolated incident. The Ide Jimans have butchered other peoples in the past. From this day forth Akiiryu is closing its embassy in Ide Jima and expelling the Ide Jiman delegation in Akiiryu. It is also cutting off trade with Ide Jima. We will not close our eyes nor turn our backs on crimes againts humanity. Akiiryu is particularly interested to hear the EPA nations position on this murderous outrage.



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In Serekan...


Aide: President, President, I think you should see this...


President: Akiiryu has severed all links ... oh no Akiiryu severed all links ... what ever are we going to do ... we're doomed ... doomed I tell you ... where will we be without Akiiryu's precious trade ... oh no ...


Aide: Well, sir after we passed that act I could see why they say that. But we havn't actually enforced the act in any way yet ...


President: Akiiryu is an ant compared to the might of Ide Jima. They can say all they like but at the end of the day Ide Jima controls a larger area of land.


Aide: That's not my point, the point is that other Europan nations are seeing us as well 'bad guys'...


President: That is not my fault ... It's that bloody people's congress


Aide: They do have SOME good ideas


President: *sighs* Look, Ide Jima shall avenge the death of those settlers, once those natives get the message we'll stop ... but until then there is only one way ... We shall use force ... but not the outright massacre that others took that act to be... You know I ought to disband the people's congress. I spend my whole life getting them out of trouble ...


Aide: What about Akiiryu what do we send back?


President: Nothing. They'll only find something to fault with it. I am getting fed up with the hostile approach that they are taking.


Aide: Yessir...



EDIT: I said and instead of but...

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ooc: Don?t get angry Akiiryu. I don?t want this to turn into an argument. I can see why you would annoyed at the fact I tried to push you round. But you can?t say you weren?t trying to in the first place with all your Cutting links and all. Please accept my apologies for anything I said which may have offended you.





We have noticed that there has been international outcry to a certain degree. However we are treating claims of genocide as complete rubbish. Ide Jima would like to assure all nations that we have not yet committed an act of genocide. Ide Jiman military doctrines must be extreme to a certain extent, due to the fact that Ide Jima is a fairly narrow strip of land, and we have nothing to fall back on. Terror is one of the main weapons of any psychological war. Once several crushing defeats have been inflicted on the natives, others shall be scared into submission, preventing further unnecessary bloodshed. We are not eradicating an entire race, as the unrestricted warfare act suggests, and we would recommend that all accusations of genocide are retracted.



Ide Jiman News Agency Broadcast

Today the number of Ide Jiman troops in 120 and 121 reached the 500,000 mark. Large garrisons have been established in several major coastal towns. In the center of 120 the Ide Jiman government has authorized the construction of a massive nuclear power complex at Felanzhau. We can safely say that 120 is in Ide Jima?s grasp, however doubt remains over whether Ide Jiman troops have full control over 121, after a sharp heightening in the level of native resistance. We are receiving reports that a massive Ide Jiman offensive has crushed the tribes on the border of 120 and 121. Ide Jiman high command informs us that over 1000 native troops have died, and that several thousand have surrendered peacefully, which is probably wise, given the circumstances. We have been told that 87 Ide Jiman marines died in the push. Further news will be reported at ten O? clock but for now that is it, This is Xiao Lang for the IJNA over and out?

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*Karthene News Network*


The Supreme Commander, General Ling Cao, has issued a formal statement in support of the Ide Jima actions in these plots. As the 'genocide', which the SMC believes is an example of Akiiryu scaremongering, was instigated by the natives.


The SMC has responded favourably to this announcement, voting unanimously (bar 15 abstainations) to support the Supreme Commander's line.

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The Jaihu support Ide Jima in it's endeavor to expand but would like to caution restraint, the last thing we need is the Holier than thou, Europa liberal extremists bladdering on about perceived genocides, oppression and other trivial matters.

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Free-Ekainak supports the expansion of Ide Jima into these parts and we see it as a way of civilizing these parts. Ide Jima must do what it must to gain control of these areas.




Secret Message



Ide Jima,


We have no wish to critizise or lecture you publicly about what is occuring in plots 120 and 121, and we understand the need for a period of intense violence to educate these primitives as to who is now in charge. But, we do not like useless waste of life and we hope that this period will end with lives not lost in vain. There are many examples of armies, when allowed to commit atrocities, that incorporate these into their tactical nature, making it hard to stop that activity and leaving filthy stains upon their countries reputation. We don't want an ally with such a reputation.



Your ally,

Aulo Nexodro

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To Akiiryu-

We are aware of these previous claims, but to condemn Ide Jima for its actions would make us hypocrites, as we have done similar things in our history of expansion. Whatever negative opinions your nation has of us, we would never be hypocritical in such a serious matter.

We do hope this exchange will not result in any hitches in the Karthenia-Akiiryu peace talks.

Ling Cao

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The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium supports the expansion of Ide Jima to plots 120 and 121. The Greater Holy Empire would prefer it if the great People's Republic went about it in a more peaceful manner, as it appears to be kicking up a stink in the more sensitve nations of Europa. If the great nation of Ide Jima wants, military and civilian observers from Tagmatium could be sent to the plots in question to help make the transision a little less contensious, and to allay the fears of other nations.

The Government has also hinted at a refit of the guns of the Fortress of Petrium, dismounted and destroyed by a commando raid prior to the landings near the city during the Civil War. Any comments on such a move would be helpful.

Edited by Tagmatium Rules (see edit history)
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TO: President of Ide Jima

FROM: President Hartman, United Republic of Tamurin

RE: Forces in zones 120/121


Mr. President,


I've followed the news with rising concern. In just a couple of days your forces conquered two large areas and your garrison force is now 500.000 soldiers strong, tendency rising.


I'm curious: What is your agenda in Europa? Why this fast conquest? Are you consolidating your zone of influence or is this an opening to an expansionist policy?


However, in the interest of both our nations, I propose this:


One: Let civilian observers into the country. These observers should be from a neutral country, neither supporting nor objecting your expansion into the zones.


Two: If you are interested, I propose that we negotiate a non-aggression pact between our two nations to ensure peace and safety and to lower concerns in both our countries. Such a non-aggression pact could be a row-model for a non-aggression pact between the CPA and the EPA.




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Secret Contact


TO: Free Ekainak

FROM: Ide Jima


We can understand your concern about the deterioration in Ide Jiman reputation and it's effects on Europa. We can assure you that no loss of life shall be uneccesary. Those who resist are killed, those who are peaceful are left to live. Ide Jima consists of harsh countryside, leaving little scape for a large scale retreat, Military doctrines are made to seem harsh, as a way of ensuring that every tactical opportunity is taken.





TO: Everyone

FROM: Ide Jima


We apologise to all those who were alarmed by our doctrine for areas 120 and 121. Ide Jima would only attack those who resist our encroachment. We can assure every nation of Europa that there were no deliberate 'atrocities' on the natives. Of course with any conflict there were some caught in the crossfire, but any native women or children who were found by the Ide Jiman army or navy were treated with respect and charity.

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TO: Tamurin

FROM: Ide Jima


We agree with your second point, and would gladly sign a non aggression pact. However, the situation in 120 and 121 is still explosive, and there is still some conflict. We do not disagree that there should be civilian observers, only that they may need substantial military escorts in some areas.

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The Emporer and his council of advisors have shown extreme concern at the hostile foreign policythat Ide Jima has recently taken. In a region with occassional standoffs, Ide Jima has put the entire region on high alert since its arrival. We stand by Tamurin, Akiiryu, and Vanarambaion in saying that genocide, that is the slaughter of natives is entirely unacceptable. Many of us are decended from a common people and are stunned at the atrocious news. If you cannot mingle with the natives, then you need to withdraw and try forms of diplomacy. I speak for the smaller nations when I say that you are huge. But the larger nations in this region should not throw their weight around as you have done in the early going here. You have every right to expand in order to suit the needs of your population, but we would be very hurt and aggrivated to hear that you or any other nation will treat the natives wth such disregard. By ordering the slaughter of the natives, you are lowering yourself below their standard. Why do I say below? because you have already had it happen to you, and you know how it feels, and yet you plan to do it anyway? We fail to see your logic. Please tone down your aggression Ide Jima, we are a mostly peaceful region without the need or capability for your foreign policy.

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TO: Ide Jima

FROM: President Hartman

RE: Non-aggression pact


Dear Mr. President,


I'm glad to hear that you're willing to agree to my proposals. I suggest, that ten tamurinian observer teams will enter the zones. If necessary, we can provide an escort ourselves with special police forces. That way, you wouldn't have foreign military forces within your borders.


If you agree, I'll send a delegation led by Karsten Bellheim to your capital to negotiate a non-aggression pact. A first draft is in APPENDIX A.









1) Ide Jima and Tamurin will not engage each other with military or civilian force.


2) Ide Jima and Tamurin will not support an embargo or any other action that harms or weakens the other nation.


3) Ide Jima and Tamurin will not support a nation that is currently at war with the other nation or is supporting an embargo or another action, that harms or weakens the other nation.


4) This treaty is superior to any international alliance (like "Pact of Arms", "CPA" or "EPA"), thus meaning in a war situation between two international alliances, in which Tamurin and Ide Jima would be opponents, Ide Jima and Tamurin will stay neutral and not engage each other.

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Ide Jima accepts these terms. Your observer teams should arrive at Northwatch airbase, and work their way from north to south. We are awaiting their arrival.






FROM: Ide Jima

TO: Europtima


How many times do we need to stress that we are not commiting genocide. No atrocities have been committed, and this soon to be backed up by reports of Tamurinian observers.


Ide Jima is not throwing it's weight around, we have done nothing hostile to another nation of Europa in this conflict. We have explained already the need for extreme doctrines in military conflict close to home. Your accusations of Ide Jima as an aggresive nation are baseless, the international outcry was caused by a textbook example of Akiiryu stirring things up. Ide Jima has never attacked another Europan nation. We are a member of the EPA another thing that seems to cause disturbances amongst the smaller nations of Europa.

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