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The Democratic Republic Of Macintopia

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Guest macintopia



I am President Phil Marlow, of the Democratic Republic of Macintopia. Our country was founded in October 2001 by President Hawtin who was later assasinated. I am his direct replacement.


Here are some facts about Macintopia


Geography:Located in the Pacific Ocean - a small island with hilly terrain, most of the residents live in the three main cities of Pewit City (Capital), St Helensburgh and Jeesperville.


History: Founded in October 2001 from formerly unclaimed territory, the country was hastily built and now encompasses three main cities.


Economy: Mostly tourism. Macintopia is a pretty island, and many people are employed in tourist-related industries, including workers at the new International Airport in Pewit City, and the docks at St Helensburgh.


Infrastructure: Airport, Port, Road system, light rail and tram systems in Pewit City.


Religion: None.


People: Mostly of Pacific decent, however there have been many europeans settled here. The education rate is 100%.


Politics: There are two main political parties, the Left Party and the Right Party. Elections are held every seven years. The Left party has been in power since the founding of the country, with very little public support for the Right Party.


I hope this guide has been helpful.


Dr Phil Marlow. President - The Democratic Republic of Macintopia.

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Well, to wash down Phil's morbid pie, the Kingdom of The Pictish Wilderness is pleased to offer you this fine honey mead brewed from wild honey and served in this oversized ox horn (which you get to keep as a fine parting gift)...


(Don't drink it all at once... you'll go blind for a while.)


King Adric IV


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