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The Nomadic Peoples Of Dragonryders

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"Hop on sergeant"

You sit down in the jeep.

"Are you ready?"

Ofcourse you are. You've already seen a lot of the world. It could very well be nothing of importance.

The jeep starts accelerating. Hours of plains, sandy nothingness seeded with uninteresting bushes and grass here and there.


"It looks like some strange medieval kind of metropolis, sergeant."

That doesn't make sense. If a metropolis from medieval times wouldn't be impossible, it would be it's location.


The road started to angle up. The jeep didn't take very long to reach the top of the hill. There it stopped.

"Over there."

Still plains everywhere around them.

"Right there, sergeant, in the distance."

You follow his pointing finger and focus far. Ah yes, you see something strange. It isn't in the distance, but located somewhere in the corner of your eye. You turn your head just in time to see the beak of a dragon closing around your head.


The dragon lands near the jeep. It's rider gets off, grabs a thick white sword and pierces the armyvehicle's driver.


After remounting, he heads back to the colossal city he lives in. It is made entirely out of mud, bricks and wood. Since there is no metal in all of the Dragonryder's lands. The people used to migrate but with the explosive growth of the population there became a shortage on dragons and a need demand for residences. These were provided by five huge circular, systematically organized, cities. These cities consist of segments, 10 to 20 stories high, that are built in circles. Once a circle is done, a new circle will be built around the previous one, leaving a broad (circular) space in between them where the people can walk and trade etc.


The dragon lands on a special platform on a roof. The rider enters the building and reports: "There's cleaning to do on the hill. They brought some metal, too."


The sergeant dismisses the rider and leaves the room. The soldier goes back to his dragon and together they seek the skies once again as if nothing happened.

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hmm, well, you sound like a good RP'er! welcome to Europa! I hope you enjoy your time here!


In Philian custom, here is your welcoming pie, this week, we have chicken, Mushroom, bramblecurrant and Haggisberry for you. Enjoy...

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Hello to the Dragonryders! From the Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium.

Have a nice landfish sausage, with mash and gravy. A landfish is a genetically modified fish, that looks like a cat (long story). Enjoy your stay.


I hope those dragons are house-trained. Other wise we won't be inviting you to the Imperial Palace. Dragon sh*t is hell to get out of carpets.

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Thank you all very much. I see the main ingredients of this forum are:




-Cows (preferibly edible)



Almost feels like home already. Except that I don't have cows or carpets and pies. And food. No, I do have food.


I have a request though (as a new guy blink.gif who do I think I am?!): Can you guys please limit your sigs!! This looks awful! (Yes, I might be new to this forum, but I'm quite a forum guy, so you guys shall be wise and listen to my advice. wink.gif )


@Phil IV: Thanks for the compliment, but I suck pretty much at RP'ing. This one was an exception. wink.gif


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Welcome to Europa, Dragonryders!

From the sounds of things, you need two things:


First, this fine handcrafted lance. We don't use them much, what with all the forests, jungles and mountains in The Pictish Wilderness, so it's more ceremonial than anything. It's still useable, and on the back of a dragon, what difference does the sharpness of your stick really make, eh?


Second, you should have this flaggon of ale to wash down all the beef products with. Wouldn't want you to go thristy...


King Adric IV, Son of Valdis

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