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The Rogue Nation Of Darkol

Guest Darkol

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Guest Darkol

It's our second day in this universe. We're just a tiny country, but we're friendly. It often rains in Darkol, but thanks to our great irrigational system, we never get floods. Our population likes to be described as witty and sociable, and democracy is our top priority.

It's truly a nation of freedom, without having to fund a gigantic army. If anyone were to invade, we would be defenseless, but that's the cost of trying to live in peace, while the rest of the world merely consists of warmongerers.

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Woops, I forgot to register before posting. Oh well. not that big of a problem, is it?




Here's some history on our country.

Darkol was founded by a small community of pacifists. They travelled through the world in search of the perfect spot. They found it in a large chunk of land, covered with woodlands and large populations of the woolly mammoth. The pacifists founded a small city right in the centre of it, and named it Yellowfield, derived from the giant natural expanse of wheat near it. With rich sources of fossil fuels and many possibilities for agricultural expansion, the country flourished mainly in its export.

Through the use of prefab construction, villages soon became cities, and the nation grew into what it is today; Darkol.


The word pacifist might not be entirely in order, seeing as the people are still quite competitive, and do commit violent acts in videogames.


The second major city is called Fagrol, and the third Gredol.


The primary language is a strange hybrid of English, Dutch, and a wayward dialect from the Russian tongue, which can lead to confusion for tourists. Thankfully, our nation does not need support from tourists, because it rains often in Darkol, and tourists don't seem to enjoy that.


The woodlands are mostly situated on mountain-like slopes, whereas the fields are always flat. The country therefore provides great facilities for hiking as well as enjoying a smooth tour through the countryside by way of motorised vehicles.


Any questions?

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Welcome Darkol. clap.gif


pinkelephant23.gif What a peaceful nation... and also evergreen...

I'm on the "peace" side and would protest any invasion on your land..... drillsergeant.gif


Explore and Enjoy Europa.. icecream.gif

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Hmm, can anyone be so kind as to tell me why I can't change a .bmp into a .jpeg without de-coolifying the image? I only use Paint, because I only have Paint. I drew the image myself. I only used two colours, but it changes miraculously into th?t *points at Avatar*.

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Nope, sorry, just Dutch, English, minimal French and minimal German for me.

"Four languages in one head? It can't be done"

*sigh* Once again the Old World, puts the New to shame (and rightly so...)



Anyway, The Kingdom of The Pictish Wilderness welcomes you to the region. We're new here also, but I think you'll like it. We applaud your wide-ranging and healthy ecology and our warriors look forward to sneekaing about in it, err... I mean, "going on holiday" in your nation... yah...



King Adric IV, Son of Valdis

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On the avatar side, you could always get some of the more artistically talented people on this forum to design you a new flag or avatar. That's how I got this one


Just go onto the Art Gallery section, and make a new thread, asking politely for a new flag or avatar. And specify some designs or features you want to have them include.

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Ah, greetings out there from me, the one and only Phil...


I hope you enjoy it here, and as always, may i present you with the traditional Philina welcome pie: this week, Wild leek, rosemerry and bramblecurrent... enjoy...

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