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Newbie : Need Teacher Plss

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right, well, there are a few of ways you can 'play' this.


first, this isn't a game in the traditional sense, where you go around, collecting resources or fighting big battles, this game is more about the community of people rather than killing everything. we are all friends here, we talk abut RL things, taunt each other about football teams, and al that stuff.


You have your nation, in which you get an issue a day, depending on what your decision is, your nation eveolves, getting more liberal, evil, environmental, militeristic, etc... This doesn't affect what you can do though, it only affects some tables that you get on your regional page called the UN rankings.


the main draw of the game for most people is the role playing, you can create whatever kind of nation you want (within the limits of the region you are a part of) and play out whatever kind of events you like. In europa currently we have a historical Role Play based in the 1900's about the civil war in one of our nations.

Role playing is all about creativity, you have created your nation, now with other people you can create battles and all sorts of things.


Europa is also about the community, we are all friends here, we talk abut RL things, taunt each other about football teams, and al that stuff.




Of course, if you want to get down and dirty, you can always go and join an invader region, such as the DEN, or a defender one, such as the ADN These type of group go about the NS world, invading regions, stealing the regional delegate position, and leaving chaos in their wake. most other regions hate them, as do we...



post back with any questions you have about anything, but remember, NS is mainly about what you want to create, you can make histories for your nation, for your leaders, for famous battles in the past, all kinds of things.


(EDIT: heh, thanks for the biggup there Gaius!)

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ah, another asian guy, Koku is from Thaiwan...


hmm, so you want to be an invader... sad.gif ah well...


i'm not entirly sure how you go about joining one actully, you could go ask around at the DEN base i suppose...


if you really want to join an invader (booo! angry.gif ) then go to the region of ''the den base'' and ask around there...

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ah, another asian guy, Koku is from Thaiwan...

How a great tour guide you are, Phil.. clap.gif ...but..hey, I'm from Thailand, not Taiwan. dry.gif


Actually Ikki and I are neighbor... Malaysian and Thailand.


Welcome Ikki. salute.gif


Explore and enjoy Europa...

Join the "Role play"..or try some games in the "Game".

When your population reach 20Millions, you then can request a spot on the map.

If you have any technical problem, you can post your question at the "Technical".


Oh! by the way, don't forget to ask for a pie from Phil... He was busy guiding you and forgot to offer one... icecream.gif what's today special??


Stay cool! wink.gif

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Welcome to Europa, Ikki!

Sorry to try and steal someone of you guys, but I'd thought I'd drop in. biggrin.gif

If you are interested, Ikki, then my region, Lemuria, has a

University (clicky) that you can join. You dont have to leave Europa in order to join in, and we have many schools, including invading, defending, flagmaking , role playing, forum making, map making, statecraft and UN affairs. May I state that Europa is one of the best Roleplaying regions that I know of.

Come have a look if you want.

Also, if you answer your issues in a certain way, your nation can can change in UN category, to 'Evil Dictatorship' and 'Corporate Police state' and the like. The NS FAQ is really helpful in NS matters.

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pinkelephant23.gifSuggestion: Since several newbies have been asking the same question... about how to start exploring the threads and fun part of our region...

I think Phil's tour guide should also be added to the "Welcome to the introduction area", either following to Europa's post or wherever near it... Newbies will certainly find it very useful... smile.gif


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if you want to be Evil (mwaaahahahaha satansmokin.gif), there are two things you can do. The first is in the game itself. From time to time you will get Issues that affect your country. Think about what an Evil ruler would do and pick that option.


The second thing you can do to develop your badness is in Role-Play here. The role-playing forums are where nations in Europa interact. Why don't you have a look at some of the old threads? That ought to give you some idea of how it's done.


Hope this helps.

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