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Chelsea Win The League!

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@ tamurin


well, its getting that way here now, arsenal and man u used to get everything, chelsea have done well this year due to a certain russian businessman spending about 200 mill on buying chelsea the cup...

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true, true, Terry and Lampard are some of the best british talent around for a long while, but without the hundreds of milliond Abramovitch brought to the club, they would never have mad it this season.


I am not puting him down though, good on him, its what Man U have been doing for years.

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hehe, well, true, i still don't get what the hell he was doing at those champions league things...still hilarious thoguh...


oh, and there's that manager they always take the piss out of on MOTD2 for all those silly hand movements, but i can never remember where he's from

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I didn't like Mourinho at first, but he has grown on me. Very funny man, obviously really cares about his team - he goes nuts when they score a great goal - and tactically excellent. I came accross the point that the only difference between Chelsea and Man U or Arsenal is not the amount of money they have spent but the amount of time in which they have spent it.

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heh, i'm happy though! the FA have said that it will be the fourth place team in the premiership who get the fourth C league place, whoo! all we have to do now is beat one of either Nawcastle, Arsenal or Bolton to ensure our place!


i think our best chance is against Newcastle, they've had a terrible season, and have 9 first team players out of action this week! huh.gif

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