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Flag/avatar: Europa Army

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Alright. This thread is mainly an assignment for Argenland, but others may join in as well. The main issue is, as you can read in the title, our regions' military flag. This is a quote with some earlier examples, from january 2005.


Whoops.. Look what fell from the sky..


user posted image GIF, 330 x 274, 9.03 KB

[colored, for regular use]



user posted image GIF, 330 x 274, 9.16 KB

[greyscale, for other use for example during peacetime]


Argenland has been working on a newer version, which resulted in the following:

I saw trying to upload the original flag to NS, becouse it is 77 kb and NS don't accept it.

Now, I made a worst design (6 kb) but NS accept it:


user posted image


I like his work very much but would like to propose some little changes. They are not that difficult, I know Argenland can do this.

  1. Use this UN flag as base for the military flag.

    user posted image

  2. Remove the globe from the flag and cut the edges so that the crown better fills the flag.
  3. Change the color to our usual. Don't use any transitions, they will only increase the imagesize.
  4. Use stars, but you may choose the shape and pattern. The previous version may serve as an example.
  5. You may add something extra if you like. A symbol like the swords, or a strong slogan. You decide.
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