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The Illegal Blockade Of Plot 21

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To: All Nations of Europa

From: SPA


***Re The Illegal Blockade of Plot 21***


Tagmatium and her allies have begun military blockade of Vanarambaion's colony in plot 21 in an attempt to force Vanarambaion to give up its claim to this plot. This blockade - which is causing huge suffering to Vanarambaionese citizens living in the plot - is not only illegal, but also threatens to plunge Europa into war. We ask that you that you apply pressure on Tagmatium and her allies to end this blockade before it their actions leads to the deaths of thousands. Make no mistake the blood of every person who dies as a result of the blockade and any conflict that results from it will be on the hands of the government of Tagmatium and her allies. Act now to stop these unecessary deaths!


Tagmatium and her allies have claimed that their objection to Vanarambaion's expansion into plot 21 (and the resulting blockade) is due to their fear of the threat such a expansion presents to the nations of the EPA as Vanarambaion is a CPA member. We submit to you this is not only a false claim, but also load with hyprocrisy. Recently an EPA member, the JJJ, has announced - with the support of EPA members - its intention of expanding into plot 105 - a plot in the CP. When questioned as to why the JJJ would want to expand into this plot the JJJ stated its purely peaceful intentions citing the need for more space and the great economic potential. Although an EPA member JJ stated its move would not threaten the security of the CPA in any way. Interestingly enough these were similar reasons Vanarambaion gave for its expansion into plot 21 - a move that the JJJ objected to. It seems for the EPA what is good enough for the goose is not good enough for the gander.


The recent claim made to plot 21 by Free-Ekainak citing questionable lingustic evidence would be laughable in any other circumstances. Not only is the evidence provided by a government source who has very reason to fudge the evidence in order to create any basis for a claim, not matter who weak. But an attempt to claim land based on a migration which occured 8,000 years ago is, simply, ridiculous. In the 8,000 years since Viteko Jaimaxa believes the people of Free-Ekainak moved from plot 21 there have been mass migrations through out Europa. Few peoples remain in the territories their ancestors lived. It might surprise Viteko Jaimaxa to know there is considerable evidence to support the belief that at least some Akiiryan people inhabited the island of Free-Ekainak less than 4,000 years ago during their long migration to the lands which now make up Akiiryu. Prehaps the Akiiryan Government should make a claim to the island? No, it should not 4,000 years ago the ancestors of the Akiiryans were a vastly different people culturally and lingustically than they are today - just as any natives of plot 21 8,000 years ago [and indeed, today] will be [are] vastly different from the peoples of Free-Ekainak - to make a land claim based on such a link would be academically dishonest. In other words Jaimaxa's claims are simply baseless politically motived claims created to justify an illegal attempt to grasp territory from another nation.


In light of the actions of Tagmatium and her allies the government wonders if Vanarambaion, Europtima and their allies should blockade plot 105. The EPA is obviously to the nations of the CPA and as such JJJ colonisation of plot 105 must be seen to present a treat to the CP.



1st Minister,

Baronic Council

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The Karthene government has positive relationships with both Tagmatium, Akiiryu, and Vanarambaion, and as we have applied (but have not yet received confirmation of) membership of the EPA, we do not feel we can come down on one side in this argument.


Now, we feel it is fair that plot 21, which is a free plot after all, can be colonised by anyone. However, with the Orioni colony of Corona Borsalis in close proximity, we can understand why the Tagmantine government may feel threatened by such an encirclement. We stand by this neutral stance, but we will be prepared to defend the EPA at a later date, should we be accepted into it.


General Ling Cao, Supreme Commander.

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As of now, the Karthene Federation is a member of the European Periphery Alliance, and as such can no longer stand idle in this issue. Karthenia supports the blockade by Tagmatium and Free-Ekainak, and is willing to commit uor own fleets to this task.

As yet we are not closing our embassy in Akiiryu, but this may change if that government continues to oppose our actions.


General Ling Cao, Supreme Commander


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To: Karthenia

From: SPA


You acts today show little honour and even less spine. For the sake of joining an hypocritical alliance made up of many nations with who you have not contact you have sacrificed our friendship. We are closing our embassy in Karthenia. Fickle friends are not to be trusted. I hope you new allies take note - once cheater always a cheater.

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FROM: Karthenia


Actually, we have had close relations with Tagmatium for ages (back when i was B-cool.gif, and our honour would be lost by not siding with our allies. You knew we were applying for membership of EPA, so this came as no suprise to you. And if you want a demonstration of Karthene spine, come get it.

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From: Free-Ekainak



Allegations of cheating should not be thrown lightly, what do you mean by this? If a nation wishes to converge with others, it is their right as a sovereign State. You should not be so sour about it. It seems that you are discarding Karthenia's friendship, and not the other way around, as you allege.

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There was no invasion - Van. legally colonised the area (OOC: this is true - indeed Van. claim long before people objected). It was claimed by FE after Van. colonised the territory. Thus, it would seem the EPA is the aggressor and, furthermore, has started an illegal blockade.

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A peaceful conference venue was offered by the MS - Akiiryu is more than happy to attend if you lift the EPA lifts its illegal blockade. It seems, by your threat, that your tacitly admiting your blockade has no legal crounds.

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