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New Cartographer?

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I'd love to but I fear that RL (ie my PhD work) would soon end up killing me. Give me until the end of October guys and then I will be willing to be much more active in the admin side of things. I like this place and given I am here so much i feel i cshould be giving some stuff back.

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Although BN promised me to send me a copy of the map, anyone can just save the picture of the map.


Are there any volunteers to take care of the map? Ya know, the Regional Carthographer gets a nice Christmas bonus  tongue.gif

BN uses/used Photoshop and worked in layers. This is a smart way to work. The new cartographer would have to be able to handle this in the future. I can see we have some eager candidates, but the job is not as simple as it may seem?


You think you can handle it?

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yeah i just left a few things i wasnt certin about, so if you could give me a little bit for info on them i'll get right on it, and anouther thing, i wasnt quite sure which nation on the map was van's, is it the big gray island? lol.

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Jesus Christ! That's impressive! There's a few additions/deletions you've missed, such as the deletions of Jaihu, Ekainak, Clavis, Enchantress and both Alianissia and Callonia. The additions are:


52- The French Republics

53- The French Republics

54- The French Republics

55- The French Republics

78- Serannian

100- Canosius

131- Okaida


(Randomise colours)


And I haven't opposed Europtima's annexation, but don't worry, that will be changed tongue.gif Also, could you make that island into an emtpy plot, but I think we've found our new Cartographer, or until Argenland decides to put an appearance in.


And post the updates in the Map of Europa thread. Makes it easier to find.

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