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I have been helping PIRILAO on his avatar and his last action, uploading the picture, was not successful. dry.gif


The Error saids....


Board Message

Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information.


The error returned was:

You are not allowed to upload that type of file as an avatar or personal photo


Could Admin (Europa, Orioni) or anyone help him out??? salute.gif


Here is the thread he had posted his problem...

(Art Gallery)


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Strangly enough, the forum doesn't seem to allow jpg's as a valid file for avatars. blink.gif It's probably better to use a "gif" file in stead. Try saving the image as a gif-file (although the quality of the colors may worsen a bit), and then try uploading it.


You also could upload it somewhere, and then link to that image.

There're several free picture servers out there (imageshack,..).

Or you could upload it as your nations flag at Nationstates. Note, then your picture has to be:

1. in JPEG (.jpg) format (or .gif)

2. about 107x71 pixels in size (the mods aren't too picky on that, unless it's really gigantic

3. no larger than 10KB

4. appropriate. This means conforming to site etiquette and being suitably flag-like. Images likely to cause widespread offense (e.g. nudity, swastikas) are prohibited, and your nation may be deleted if you post them.

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I have taken care of this problem and linked the image Koku provided to Pirilao's profile. As long as Koku doesn't take the image offline his new flag will be okay. I've added peoples flags before (ex. Europtima, Ide Jima, Manassa), it's really not that difficult.
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