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Ide Jima Tests New Nuclear Warhead

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Ide Jiman Nuclear Missile Test in the territory 46 uplands

10 kilometers of the north coast of Ide Jima?

The Ide Jiman H2K5 Class nuclear submarine emerged from the blue depths of the straits north of 46. Inside the subs missile tubes were 10 of the latest Ide Jiman intermediate range Nuclear missiles. Under an official act passed by the Ide Jiman people?s congress the Submarine was tasked with firing a 1 Kiloton Nuclear warhead at the Shenai ranges, a huge uninhabited mountain range at the center of the New Drakkensburg military district.

The missile tubes creaked open, as the last water ran off the massive hull of the Submarine. On board computers finally checked the Co ? ordinates of the test, and locked on, using a signal relayed by an Ide Jiman geo stationary Communication satellite. Rockets on the missile flared into action, and the projectile rose, seemingly slowly at first out of the missile tube. The missile was a deep blue, signifying that it belonged to the navy, and down the side an identification number was written, in both Western Numbers and Potonghua. It streaked upwards and starting to head for the target, the IJ ? 49 Typhon rocket engine carrying it into the heavens?


The Shenai Ranges, in the Harbin Military Exclusion zone?


The Specially modified command tank edged to within 4 kilometres of the epicenter. The tank carried heat shields and full nuclear protection, along with the Ide Jiman vice air marshall and Admiral Heidegger, commander of the Ide Jiman submarine fleet. They were both here to evaluate the performance of the missile, as this could be part of the latest Ide Jiman nuclear expansion scheme.


Heidegger: Radios report 12 seconds to impact?


Hiezhei (D.A.M): We are too far off to see the missile itself?


Heidegger: Remember it is only a one Megaton piece, the Ide Jiman government has ordered 7 and 8 megaton variants mainly.


Hiezhei: 3? 2? 1? ? Nothing?s happening ?


*Blinding Light radiates from the blast centre*


Heidegger: Look at that ?


A huge mushroom cloud rose as if from nowhere, and a gigantic shockwave pulsed out. Heizhei cursed as the tank rocked violently, and started to get hot, the tank commander reassured him of the complete protection the tank had, before Heizhei returned to the porthole peering out at the giant explosion.


Heidegger: The admiralty has just sent progress reports, we cannot doubt that the speed at which this missile traveled is unrivalled by any other missile, or countermissile system, for that matter?


Heizhei: The airforce will be impressed?


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Point that at us and you'll regret it.


General Smiles.



After a lengthy discussion, General Smiles has retracted his statement to the Ide Jima governement, citing his upset at losing the Supreme Commander election. The SMCotFK has no intentions of hostile activity against Ide Jima at this time.

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Ide Jima has no quarrel with Senator Gaius, and has very little diplomatic contact. We have no reason point any missiles at you. These weapons are intermediate range and probably could not reach you. Unless they were air launched.

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OOC: IDE JIMA, this isn't meant to be a criticism, but you seem to develop the best/fastest of everything. Whats to stop me saying to morrow that Akiiryu has developed a faster missile/faster counter measures, orbital missile batteries/lasers etc etc? I could (Akiiryu's military spending is -frankly - huge and in the NS issues thingee I have constantly favoured the military options. Why not role play the development of technologies {and the problems encountered) rather than simply stating you've got these super weapons?


More generally speaking - and this is aimed at everyone - I'm kinda worried by the fact that pretty much every nation is going on how they have WMD - it makes for pretty boring role playing in a military sense (especially if someone gets pissed off with other players and decides to launch a nuclear war - don't laugh I have seen it done).

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OOC- I must agree with Akiirya. War is really boring with nukes, and I think that banning them from RP would be a good idea. As fun as they are, what's the point? I might have 2 million infantry, a formidable force, that could be atomized in a few seconds. Not cool. Anyone else thinkin so?

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Hey, ho - banning nukes? That's as realistic as banning nukes from the real world. If someone decides that his nation has to have WMD - OK, then so it is. A war might be more difficult, but that's the way it is, guys.


Anyway - if two WMD-possessing nations go to war, they don't HAVE to use them right-away. And even if so, they don't HAVE to launch every nuke they have. When the Cold War was really intense, both sides had strategies that involved the use of tactical nukes against armies, but excluded strategic nukes against cities. This kind of "limited nuclear war" could be played here...


So - no banning of weapons just because they make war a little more difficult...

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Well, this is so complex...


In the real life, the only nuclear attack was in the WW2. Later, all was a "cold war".


We can't banning the nukes (becouse it is part of the real life), but we shouldn't use it (becouse it was practically never used).


Now, in RP, Im strongly disagree with the testing of nuclear weapons in neutrals territories. You should think: which type of territory will recive the nation who wants installing in this territory?

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OOC: I don't agree with banning nukes, or other WMD, as it as a more "exciting" element to the RPs. On the other hand, Tagmatium doesn't have any WMDs, as it was a part of the now sadly defunct, MATA pact, which called for the declaration of WMDs and progression towards disarmament. Hey, has anyone noticed that before the Iraq War, no-one would have said WMDs, but now it is a common phrase?

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ooc: Woah, hold on, I was only try to stir things up everyone. I will admit, I dont like using nukes in RP, however the detterent (sp?) value they carry is very useful for ... well ... stirring things up ...


And akiiryu, my nation makes the fastest things, I dont know that for sure? The things I post are going on Ide Jiman intelligence wink.gif , and we arent spying on anyone, just making guesses... I dont make the fastest and best, that sounds almost like godmoding. I havent mentioned that and can see that you would feel threatened by these. I am not going to nuke anyone. COnventional RP is more fun ...

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OOC: IJ I wasn't attacking you at all and I accept I may have over reacted. Thanks for your explanation. No offense was intended. Cheers.

thats alright ... I didnt make things very clear in the first place...

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