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The Republic Of Manassa

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Hello, I am Manassa. I havent written history or geography for Manassa yet but I have made a flag.


user posted image


It has the same colors as the Spanish flag except for the black bits. The black sun in the left panel is because it is warm in Manassa and the sun burns the crops. The right panel contains the moustache of El Presidente.

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Not exactly. I am told however that you will recieve some sort of licoriche-flavored replica of el presidente's moustache (pronounced moose+stash)


Hello and welcome to Europa BTW, I hope you enjoy your stay, I also hope that you realize your stay will last for the rest of eternity.

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Hello all and thanks for the wlcome.


Here is some information about Manassa.


Capital city: Villa-Raoul

Other major cities: El Dorigo, Cortez City.

Manassa is a nation notable for its easy-going people and monstrously corrupt government, who are all relatives of El Presidente, Raoul Cortez. His brother Edmond is Minister for Defense, other brother Jose runs finance and his wife Emilia owns every clothing company in Manassa as well as several thousand pairs of shoes. El Presidente's nephews Jorge and Stefano run the feared secret police and enjoy beer and cigars. Despite the obvious corruption, the nation seems to function okay.

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OOC: Orioni, that's about right.


Argenland, no I don't speak Spanish. English is my only language sorry.


Koku, we are always most interested to try a different variety of cigars and liquor. Have some Manassan cigars and tequila in return.

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