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Appeal To Europa

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(Note: I felt this request for territory expansion fits better here in the Political Department rather than a simple map request)


To:All Concerned Nations

From:The Tribal Tribunal, The Confederacy of The Mongol-Swedes

Subject:Nation Expansion


Greetings to our fellow human beings of the world. We of The Tribal Tribunal, champions of the unified tribes of the Mongol-Swedes, have come to realize that our steadily growing population has become a concern for the future of our tribelands. A report from our Sub-Council on the Environment and Natural Resources has concluded that, at present, the swelling number of residential establishments threatens to compromise our traditional policies of maintaining a pristine environment for the future generations of our honourable peoples. We are henceforth considering the expansion of our borders into unclaimed territory to the north, specifically in plot 51. In the past, we have demonstrated a track record of relatively peaceful policies and a stable relationship with our immediate neighbours, and we hope to hear from the many other peoples whom we are blessed to share the region of Europa with, because we value the opinions that exist beyond our borders, regardless of nationality or creed.

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Ummmm, Akiiryu already has units in that plot preparing for colonisation (see RAMP move into 51 and 52: http://s7.invisionfree.com/Europa/index.php?showtopic=803). Haken is especially aware of this as Haken observers are in the area. We do have a compromise deal that would work for us both. Akiiryu has declared its intention of only colonising the lake side half of each of these territories. The Alliance could expand into the bottom half of each of these territories with our full support if it recognises Akiiryu's right to the lake side half of the two plots.


Tell us what you think. We are willing to talk.

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(OOC: Ah crap. I can never remember who has been eyeing which plots. etonnes9.gif)


Amnalos would like to clarify its earlier statement. While we do not object to the Mongol-Swedes expansion in general, we recognize Akiiryu's earlier claim to colonize the lake-side of plot 51. Amnalos of course hopes for a peaceful mediation between Akiiryu and the Mongol-Swedes but, should agreement be impossible, we would side with Akiiryu in this matter.

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The Jaihu would support the Mongol-Swedes in this matter as Akiiryu has no legitimate claim to the area until such time as their population reaches 1 billion. The Jaihu remembers a time when they had laid claim to a specific plot prior to reaching a population milestone, we did so with the understanding that if another nation desired that particular plot, and that nation had reached the required population milestone, that their claim would trump our claim.


Therefore in Rule of Law (OCC: At least in the rules set out by the Map God), Akiiryu has no claim to plot 51 and the Mongol-Swedes are under no obligation to discuss the matter with Akiiryu. The Jaihu would support the Mongol-Swedes if they requested that the Akiiryu remove themselves from plot 51.




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General Broadcast, by the Mongol-Swede National Broadcasting Company(MSNBC)


We of the Tribal Tribunal, in relation to our proposed expansion and that of the nation of Akkiirya, feel that dividing the land is a sufficient means of distributing our growing population, so as to alleviate the pressure on our current ecosystems.


Our Tribelands have had a long standing tradition of maintaining high standards to protect the environment, however, and, as the nation of Akkiirya will be occupying the opposite shores of the lake that the Mongol-Swede tribes originally inhabited, we would ask of their government to consider establishing an cooperative agreement to safeguard this pristine body of water, that future generations may enjoy without inhibitance of human wastefulness.

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