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Sorry people but as you may have noticed I have not been too active for last month or so. I?ve had some RL issues and I noticed that I really do not have enough time for NS or the map.


I?ll post the map to Orioni in PDF-format as I understood you have Photoshop. If requested I can post it in other formats too though.


I may come back sometime or I may not. Anyway it has been nice to be here and I will miss you guys.



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Top Posters In This Topic

Indeed. But it seems that we have to re-organize the Forum Administration and the Regional Administration. Just look: Byzantinum Nova - gone, Stoned Smurfs - doesn't visit the forums anymore and orioni is also very rare at the moment. Just our founder is still here...


Who's running the show now??

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It's very very sad that Byzantium Nova can't be active anymore. I know he's still out there, but I will miss him. We've known eachother for a pretty long time now, it's always hard to say goodbye to a friend.


Byz, if you read this: I'm going to miss you! If I ever get to Finland we'll have to get together and drink some vodka in the sauna, okay? Big big kiss, X!


@ Tamurin: There there buddy, you're not alone.


@ Europa: Don't think I'm going to let you have all the fun inhere.. *winks*
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