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The Republic Of Greater Heaven

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right... now thats skewed my mental picture of Gaius a little, a fluffy cuddly hitler... huh.gif


anyway, welcome to Europa! it was probobly Orioni who invited you, she normally does that kind of thing, I hope you have a nice time here, recently we have been described as ''kooky'' by one of our newer members, and you don't want to know what we did with him... dry.gif seriously, you don't...


anyway, welcome to Europa...wait... i already said that... tight, here is your traditional Philian Welcoming pie, this week it is Beef and ale pie with button mushrooms and some chedder mash (mmm, i had one of those the other night... lovely...) and hope you stay... er, thats it i think, thank you, and goodby...

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*in hushed voice*and now we see the hervivorus fuhrer, in his natrual habitat, a plush office, surrounded by his treasured belongings, a table, some chairs, and a highly recognisable flag, on the wall... if he just turns around, we can see the features, of this magnigicent, specimin, the big nose, short stature, and angry shouting, only serve to heighten the already, amazingly stark leadership, of this most magnificent, of beasts...

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I'd like to welcome you to this, as I call it, kooky region but I'm afraid the pains that I have endured over the word "kooky" are much too much to fit into words, so I shall have to use a diferrent wor--...I already called it kooky, didn't I.



edit: BTW Phil I'm still waiting for my welcome pie.

edit2: Come to think of it, Phil, you didn't welcome me at all. Period. End of statement. Break. Stop. Come in with the milk.

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