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Karthenia plans expansion!

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(OOC: just so i can continue my little war of unity without attacking you guys, i have invented countries beyond Europa to invade.)


The Sovereign Military Council of the Federation has declared that the Republic of Feday shall be the next nation to join the Federation. The Feday government has been ordered to stand it's armies down, and surrender it's cities. It is expected that Feday will resist, and so General Mad Eyes, Supreme Commander of the SMCoKF, has detailed three divisions of Garan troops under General Ling Cao

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The Garan and Feday peoples have a long standing hatred, and General Mad Eyes was accused today of using this hatred, so inimical to the Karthene way, and that it could easily lead to problems in absorbing the Feday into the Federation. Colonel Fingers, the Supreme Commander's Adjunct, has issued a statement, claiming the critics, "do not know what they are talking about."

As yet, the SMC has not made any comment on the use of Garan troops.

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Statement from SMC.

Colonel Gaius Reman Valiani, Ministry of Internal Affairs


The SMC would like to confirm that Garan troops will be used to bring the Feday into the Federation. The three divisions in question are our finest, and we see no reason to hold them back. The Feday will be treated as well as any newly-protected people. The SMC has absolute confidence in General Mad Eyes' leadership as Supreme Commander.

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The SMC announces the unification of the Feday Republic with the Federation. Casualties were minimal, though there was a minor incident in Feday City that resulted in several thousand deaths. The Feday are said to be "positive" about joining the Federation.


In other news, the Supreme Commander, General Mad Eyes, has resigned his position as head of the SMC. When asked if this had any link with the sipposed massacre in Feday City, he denied this, saying he wanted to spend more time with his family. The SMC has yet to declare the nominates, though General Ling Cao, the commander in the Feday campaign is a favourite, as is the staunch conservative, General Frosty.

Of the 150 officers elector, most are older and Karthene, so Ling Cao, a Garan and more left wing than many, may have to wait several more years to become the second non-Karthene Supreme Commander (the first of course being the Azerii, Mathazar leiKarne, 1970-1985). Mad Eyes held the position since 1997, and proved a popular leader.


The election results will come through probably on thursday, barring a deadlock.

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A delegation from Vanarambaion toured the fallen Republic of Feday today. Among them was the Emperor's right-hand man, Minister of Foreign Affairs George McEachern. With a ridiculous number of cameramen and other press in tow, McEachern spent some time with each candidate, although more with the conservative General Frosty by far. A joint press conference was offered at General Frosty's home, where the delegation dined. Minister McEachern slipped at one point during the proceedings, saying, "...and we're looking forward to your election as...er...the election of..." It is suspected that Emperor Tinsman sent McEachern here to help with General Frosty's election.



OOC: sorry I had to do it like that, I would have asked for permission if I'd seen this post earlier before the election. Just wanted to get this in before then. Cheers!

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OOC:No worries.


The SMC has formerly announced the list of candidates for the Supreme Commander election. There are five nominees, as follows....


General Nocturne (Karthene, aged 41)

Minister of Intelligence, not very well known , seen as too introverted


General Ling Cao (Garan,aged 37)

Feday Campaign. Liberal, popular among theyoung officers. Godd record in Feday


General Frosty (Karthene, aged 61)

Vice Supreme Commander. Ultra Conservative, popular among the old guard, though criticised for racism. Internationally respected.


General Smiles (Karthene, aged 51)

Minister for Foreign Affairs. Not a chance in hell.


Admiral Ok thanDelusa (Azerii, aged 39)

Chief of the Navy.Respected younger officer. Might be seen as a safer candidate than Ling or Frosty.


The elections will be concluded shortly.

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And we have the results of the election, and it is a staggering result. The conservatives have been blown right out of the door! In descending order, these are the results....


Ling Cao, 87 votes.


Ok thanDelusa, 28 votes.


Frosty, 22 votes


Smiles, 5 votes.


Nocturne, 1 vote.


This is the first election where a Karthene has not even come close to election. Supporters of General Frosty have declared this a 'khaki election', and said 'that gook bastard didn't deserve it'. After some deliberation, General Frosty had been disciplined for this offense, and has been placed in charge of the Civilian Liason Ministry, displacing General Moses Herpius, who takes command in Feday.


General Ling Cao has selected as his Vice Supreme Commander Admiral Ok thanDelusa, whose second in command, Admiral Xia An Min, was promoted to chief of the Navy. General Smiles has retained his position as Minister of Foreign Affairs, despite a cock-up with the Ide Jima government. The new Supreme Commander's first address is expected soon...

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