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The Republic of Karthenia

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Burgundy-Brabant has a long history. Founded as a Republic (the original Serenissima), it was conquered by an ancient (and now defunct) enemy, the Krona, and then freed by the Brabant family, who ruled as Grand Dukes until deposed last year. Could be room for something, maybe.

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Well, there isn't any, really. Karthenia was founded 90 years ago by an alliance of the three ethnic Karthene nations. The ruling civilian party, the Alliance Party, almost immediately lost most of it's power to the Sovereign Military Council. The SMC controls all foreign, economic, and security policy, as well as anything regarding unity within the Federation. The Federation expanded to occupy it's neigbours Gara, Corinth and Azerii, all of whom have been absorbed into the Federation.


My point? Well, aside from the three expansions, which were fairly bloodless, Karthenia hasn't fought much war. Outside of Europa, it is expanding into many smaller nations i have invented, but i can't actually take part in earlier wars, unless taking the part of one of the three smaller Karthene states. So there you go.

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List of Supreme Commanders


1915-1923 Salazar Crust

1923-1937 Verren Happy

1937-1945 John Pike

1945-1961 Vey One Eye

1961-1970 Gregor Hammer

1970-1985 Mathazar leiKarne

1985-1986 Tolin Strings (also known as Strings the "less than completely sane")

1986-1990 Raymond Tombs

1990-1993 Edvar Skittish

1993-1997 Kara Roper (only female SC)

1997-2005 Ludovic Mad Eyes

2005-???? Ling Cao

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This entirely depends on us actually participating in the Tamurin Civil War. Basically, Crust is a bit of a maverick, and so finds himself at odds with the government of Highrock (one of the Three States). So, he goes mercenary, and helps Phil invade Vanarambaion. During one of the engagements some sort of atrocity is comitted against Akiiryu, which neither side ever forgets.

During the war, Highrock goes to war with its fellow Karthene neighbour Sud-Karthag, and loses horribly, having to sign an embarressing treaty (a la Versailles).

Obviously, Crust loses, and he and his 2IC Happy return to Highrock, big up their actions and are hailed as heroes. They retrain the Highrock army using tricks learned in the Civil War, and so when Highrock next goes to war with Sud-Karthag, they win. This speeds up the unification (Colovia joins without a fight), and lo! the Federation emerges. Crust is SC for 8 yrs, before he is poisoned (probably by Happy, who succeeds him.)


At least, that's how it's supposed to go.

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