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Ok, so some of you already know me. But this is my new nation, better than bloated old Burgundy-Brabant. Karthenia is a federation of several peoples, which seeks to unite the world in peace.

A lofty ideal, you might say. But we Karthenes don't believe in giving a choice here. We give unity at the barrel of a gun. And damn the eyes of any who resist. But we aren't oppressive, we have democracy. It's just there is only one party...


So, anyway, just saying hi formally.

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Welcome back! You were one of the first people to welcome me to the region, and I was wondering where you'd got to. Question, will Gaius Reman Valiani be involved in Karthenia? And will Karthenia take the plot of land that used to be Burgundy-Brabant?

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1) Gaius Reman Valiani has been accepted into the Karthene Sovereign Military Council as Minister for Internal Affairs, rank Colonel, so he will be playing a part. Karthenia is open to people of nationalities, even B-B's citizens.

2) No, god willing we will move into plot 14, which i would prefer as part of the story is that Karthenia is expanding into non-europan territory, and this would be impossible from the old plot.


Anyway, it's good to hear from you Amnalos. I'm back for good, i think.

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