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Jaihu Jaihu of the Jaihu announces expansion

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The Jaihuistic Jaihudom of Jaihu seeks new lands for the Jaihu!!!!


This is what the headline on the front page of the morning newspaper in Zao Jaihu read today after it was learned that The Council of Jaihu had previously voted in favor a memo from Jaihu Jaihu of the Jaihu that suggested that the Jaihuistic Jaihudom of Jaihu needed additional lands to satisfy the needs of a growing population.


It has been leaked to the media that the Council of Jaihu authorized the formation a Colonization Committee 6 months ago to begin sending out scouting parties to a number of sectors to determine which sectors would be suitable to the Jaihu's needs. A anonymous source has stated that there was a laundry list of requirements for this new territory which included the expansion of commercial opportunities for the Jaihu, sectors which afforded the Jaihu the ability to peacefully coexist with neighboring nations and opportunities to expand the Jaihu's geopolitical influence within Europa.


After much consideration and research of available lands in Europa, The Council of Jaihu presented Jaihu Jaihu of the Jaihu with their recommendation that the Jaihuistic Jaihudom of Jaihu should expand into sector 105. Jaihu Jaihu of the Jaihu agreed with the recommendation and authorized Council of Jaihu to authorize the Colonization Committee to send a expeditionary force of 25 000 soldiers, mainly engineering teams to prepare a port named Peace, in memorial of those who died in the botched attack by Sevrun/Byzantium on Jaihu, to receive new colonists.


It has been learned that the construction of Peace is well underway and that Jaihu Jaihu of the Jaihu is planning to build a Royal Residence in Peace to receive ambassadors of neighboring nations.

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@akiiryu & Vanarambaion.... As previously stated there were a number of factors that went into the decision to settle sector 105.


The Jaihuistic Jaihudom of Jaihu actually encourages nations to choose far flung lands for colonization and to be honest we felt that most of the nations of Europa felt this way as well. Recent expansions of other nations in Europa have seen other nations colonize sectors that were geographically distant from their home territory for reasons of commerce, geopolitical influence and egotistical empire building.


The Jaihu did not respond to Vanarambaion's expansion into the neighbourhood of The Jaihuistic Jaihudom of Jaihu simply because we recognize that nations should not be restricted to expand only in sectors that are around that nation. In fact we are shocked and apalled that the Vanarambaion would echo a concern raised that the Jaihu wished to settle plot 105. Does the Vanarambaions wish there to be a double standard in Europa??? One rule for nations belonging to the CPA and another for those in the EPA??? Perhaps the government of Vanarambaion only wishes that a select group of nations be able to have their influence reach thoughout Europa???


Perhaps the Vanarambaion shouldn't forget the old saying that those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.


The Jaihu's interest in sector 105 is altruistic in nature, there is no malice in our intent. We recognized the Orioni's right to expand, we remained silent while Vanarambaion chose to expand to a neighbouring sector to the Jaihu. Now we request that the courtesy extended to those nations be returned to the Jaihuistic Jaihudom of Jaihu.

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We thinks that akiirya should remember that there is no "i" in team but there are two in the name of his nation...


What was the point of your previous post akiiryu????


We have been blunt about our reasons for choosing this particular sector. We feel that the central penisula is fair game for colonization and offers the Jaihu access to markets it may not have unless there is a Jaihuian presence in sector 105. We feel that we hath sufficiently answered your inquiry and now feel you should go quietly into the dark cold night.


At this point we would request that you follow your stage direction and exit stage left pursued by a bear biggrin.gif


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Akiiryu asked a simple question, you responded with a drawn out reply that didn't really answer our question but instead protested your good intentions - something we never questioned. Hence you protest too much. The negative responses to our questions would seem to indicate your not as innocent as you would have us believe.

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We responded to you as we would any client state asking questions that their true masters are afraid to ask... We answered you the way that we thought fit.


Be assured that you are unworthy of speaking to even the Jaihuian Undersecretary of State for lawn bowling, bikinis and bundas. So the answers you are receiving are coming from the bartender at Stan's Pub and Laundromat.

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@ Jaihu - calm down, there was no ill will intended with the question raised, we were meerly raising a legitimate concern. It was not our intention for there to be a double-standard, but we also don't believe that everyone who expands far from their home island has the best of intentions, and therefore, we feel our question was legitimate and necessary to ensure your intentions were as pure as ours are. And we would like to remind Jaihu to be respectful to nations whose sneezes could remove Jaihu from the map, as well as allies of those states. Respect is earned, and if you would like to have a competition as to who is more powerful, I would suggest you take it up with a nation not concerned with maintaining the international status quo.

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@Vanarambaion - Our nation has survived the worst, most destructive, most inhuman of all attacks, we never surrendered, we proved to Europa and the world that we are a resilient people. The Jaihu do not fear nations that speak of sneezes like some feeble old man that 12 hours after losing a argument suddenly speaks up and says "Oh yeah, And another thing..."


Blah Blah Blah...


If you are attempting to threaten the Jaihu, if you believe that you will be able to maintain any sort of international status quo through intimidation... You are sadly mistaken. The Jaihu do not need your respect, nor do we give it to tired, sad and corrupt regimes that have the sniffles... sneeze all you want, it is your nation and your allies that will catch the flu. The Jaihu may stumble, we may falter, but we will never fall, we only come back more confident, cocky and strong!!!


(Edited for spelling)

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"We responded to you as we would any client state asking questions that their true masters are afraid to ask... We answered you the way that we thought fit.


Be assured that you are unworthy of speaking to even the Jaihuian Undersecretary of State for lawn bowling, bikinis and bundas. So the answers you are receiving are coming from the bartender at Stan's Pub and Laundromat."


Did someone speak?

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If the Jaihu people must continue to show us 'how big their's is,' then so be it. Our objection is withdrawn, so long as you continue to be peaceful. I'm not particularly interested in anyone who attacked you in the past - they clearly did not have the military capability of the present nations. Whether you need Vanarambaion's respect is immaterial - you can be assured that all of your threatening messages are being sent to the rest of the CPA to which I belong. I would suggest you take that into consideration before embarking on the path of international unilateralism, as there is not a nation in this region, ours included, that is capable of single-handedly imposing its will on the rest of the region. Your cockiness will hurt you in the long run, my friend, and I speak from experience when I say that. Be careful - not with Vanarambaion only, but in your foreign policy in general.

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To: All Nations

Fr: Jaihu Jaihu of the Jaihu


It has come to our attention that there is a certain nation canvassing other nations attempting to gain support in an endeavor to block the Jaihuistic Jaihudom of Jaihu`s legitimate colonization of New Jaihu, formerly known as Plot 105. The Jaihu take great offence to these backroom discussions and would like to remind the guilty party that the Jaihuistic Jaihudom of Jaihu has never, we repeat NEVER, blocked the legitimate claim of any nation that has sought expansion, regardless of the location of the plot in which that nation had chosen for expansion.


We believe that the current campaign that this nation has chosen to be engaged in is not only misguided, but will also increase tensions between the CPA and EPA. The Jaihu does not understand why this nation is so concerned with our legitimate expansion into New Jaihu, perhaps they would do well to remember that unless they can backup their statements with facts, instead of inuendo, that they will become like the boy who cried wolf and other nations in Europa will never respect them.


In conclusion, the Jaihuistic Jaihudom of Jaihu`s claim to New Jaihu, formerly known as Plot 105, is legitimate... The Jaihu have never blocked the legitimate claim of another nation which wanted to expand.... The nation engaged in canvassing other nations to gain support for blocking the Jaihu`s legitimate claim is misguided and risks losing what little respect they have in Europa, I believe we stated they would become like the little boy that cried wolf.


Thank you,


Jaihu Jaihu of the Jaihu

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Niederoestereich was allowed to expand onto the central peninsula. If Jaihu wants to, we won't object.


The only they I d? want to point out is: if there would ever come a conflict between EPA and CPA, your colony would be in grave danger, seeing it's location. The way home would be rather long.


This said, I would also like to point our that Orioni has a colony up north, which is in the same position. I don't know what the rest of you is thinking, but the position of both colonies might actually easy the tensions between the two blocks.



Dr. Chandra Pristo

Chairlady of the Council

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OOC: JJJ how are you aware of that? The Message was between CPA nations which you're not a member. This might be picky, but I did not react to messages on the EPA thread for the same reason. I'd kinda like you to withdraw that post unless you can justify having some way of knowing what goes on in the private halls of the CPA. Again I know this is picky, but these points are important in RP. The suggestion, btw the has to do with the way your allies are treating a CPA member - its not aimed at you directly, rather the EPA. That said, I would request you withdraw the above post - UNLESS you can justify knowing about it.

Edited by akiiryu (see edit history)
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To: Nations of Europa

From: SPA


In light of Jiahu's recognition of Vanarambaion's legitimate claim to to plot 21 Akiiryu here by supports JJJ's peaceful colonisation of plot 105.


T' Nith,

1st Minister,

Akiiryan Baronic Council

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Official Announcement from Jim Saunders, Jaihuian Foreign Affairs Spokesperson and Official Mascot of the 1999 Jaihuian National Conkers Championship Team.


(We're sorry, but everyone else is celebrating...)


So the 1000 monkeys sitting at 1000 typewriters deep within the Foreign Affairs Department in Vanarambaion's capital have finally come up with Vanarambaion's first coherent official policy in months and that policy is to ignore another country in Europa??




The Jaihuistic Jaihudom of Jaihu welcomes the indifference of Vanarambaion and officially announces that it will celebrate that indifference.


Jaihu Jaihu of the Jaihu has declared May "Vanarambaion Indifference Month" and has authorized Street Parties, Military Parades and Public Displays of Nudity in all major cities and even small towns to celebrate. The Jaihu feel honored that Vanarambaion has seen fit to ignore them, as Vanarambaion is a mighty nation, an elephant among the nations of Europa!!! A great big fuzzy pink Elephant of a nation.... The Jaihu love great big fuzzy pink elephants:-)

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Ok, for once i am going to try and instil some sanity into this. This is becoming worse than the Karthenia-Akiiryu argument a couple of days ago. You are both big, powerful nations and should be setting an example.


If Vanirambaion wants to ignore you go ahead, but Jaihu....we already have the moral high ground on these guys. Forget ignoring them, just weather their insults and jibes LIKE A MAN. It's Van whose gonna look like an idiot.

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