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Random boast: I started the first (and therefor official) New Pope thread in Nationstates General biggrin.gif

That link you spullied didn't work properly, this one should work:




Anyway, I'ld rather see someone else become pope, but what you gonna do about it.. and no, I'm not planning to become a cardinal just because of that.


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Well, a German pope...who'd have thought that??


"Panzerkardinal"?? Never heard that...and it's most unlikely, that Germans would give a military nickname to a priest..."Panzer" is German for "Tank" or better "Main Battle Tank"... (and it's "Der", not "Die")...


His reputation is that of a ultra-conservative priest...well, let's give him the benefit of the doubt, shall we?

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Ratzinger is an uber-conservative, and his own brother thinks he's too old and boring for the job. Put that way, he was a shoo-in from the word go.


There have been 265 popes in something under 2,000 years, which comes out to about seven or eight years on average. This is because they keep electing old men. Take a punt on a young gun.



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Well, Ratzinger was the...(what is it called??)....guardian of the "right way" (believe) since 1981 or so...so he HAS to be a conservative man.


I think we should be patient and see what he does. Now he can do more or less what he wants and maybe he will be a little more liberal in his new office. Now he doesn't have the responsibility of one "department" of the church, but of the whole church. Maybe this will change his mind a little bit.

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I think the man will use his time as pope to soften up his image. He used to be in charge of silencing people that didn't quite follow the church's doctrine... Which meant he would get the reputation as a conservative "stormtrooper", but he was at one time in the church seen as a liberal. During the Vatican 2 conferences in the 1960's he pushed for a lot of liberalizations that never happened... I think we should not pass judgement on him yet.


Although I personally would have preferred if Cardinal Jaime Ortega of Cuba had been named pope.

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