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Elections in Amnalos

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The people of Amnalos go to the polls today to elect a new Lower House. Nearly all political experts say this election will be extremely close and that no single party will be able to rule alone. We expect that wheeling and dealing over possible ruling coalitions will continue long after the results are in, and that the independent candidates will have a large say. Below is a short list of the major political parties in Amnalos.



The Democrats:

Color: Yellow


Regarded as a sensible, moderate party with little imagination. Previous Democrat governments have kept the nation steady without really planning for future growth.


The Greens:

Color: Green


The Greens are the environmental party of Amnalos. Almost immune to the corruption that plagues other large parties, the Greens however are prone to paranoia about technological innovations.


The Nationals:

Color: Blue


Amnalos's major conservative party. The Nationals are gaining popularity due to their incessant and stinging criticism of the Yellow-Green ruling coalition's poor handling of international affairs. The Nationals believe Amnalos should take care of itself first.


The Socialist Republicans:

Color: Red


Once a very minor party, the Reds wish to dissolve the Monarchy. They have gained some support due to the Emperor's increasingly dictatorial rule. It has been hinted that a Red-Blue coalition is not an impossibility.


The Fascist Party:

Color: Black


Racist, sexist, elitist and militaristic, the Fascist party appeals only to the very stupid and hateful. May win a seat.



Color: N/A


Tipsters believe that two independent candidates may win seats in the Lower House.

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The results are in. The 61 seats in the Amnalite Lower House have fallen as follows:


Nationals: 23 seats

Democrats: 18

Greens: 11

Socialist Republicans: 6

Fascists: 1 seat


Independents: 2 seats (Kira Medson and Korgen Caluci)


As expected, the election is extremely close. The previous yellow-green coalition has only 29 seats, two less than the 31 required for a majority. A blue-red coalition, which looked unlikely before the election is now almost impossible unless the two independents climb aboard. The Fascist party have declared their willingness to assist the Nationals, but it is unlikely that the Nationals will take up the offer as the stigma of being associated with the fascists would cause them untold harm in future campaigns.


Never before has the Lower House been so hopelessly deadlocked.

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Government formed


The deadlock that has crippled Amnalos's government has finally been resolved. In a very surprising move, the Socialist Republicans have abandoned their coalition with the nationals and have joined forces with the Democrats and Greens, despite the Yellow-Green coalition's support of the Monarchy.


As the leader of Socialist Republicans, Mr. Denler, explained, "...every day that the Lower House is unable to function is a day in which the country is ruled solely by the Emperor and Senate. This is intolerable. It goes against every ideal for which we stand. That is why we have made the difficult decision to allow an Emperor-friendly Government to be formed.


He hastily added, "That said, I would like to reiterate the long held opinion of the Socialist Republicans. We are opposed to Emperors in general, but nothing against the current one in particular."

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