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Disclaimer: I know what sort of things people are likely to post here, so if you're easily offended you should proceed with caution.


This has been doing the rounds at work:




Joe was on a business trip to Bangkok. He knew he'd be stuck in meetings all day so he decided to send a quick email to his wife. Unfortunately, he was in too much of a hurry and made a typo in the 'recipient' bar. The email was accidentally sent to a lady whose husband had recently passed away. She fainted when he read the following:


>Hi honey. Just arrived. It's really bloody hot here. See you in a few days.

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that's a good one Amnalos.... today, it rain here...so, it's only 32c....normally, in this mid summer, it should be 40c bomb1.gif



A kid asked "Teacher,.... No one should be punished for what he didn't do, right?"

Teacher replied "That's right"

The kid "Well, I didn't do my home work..." wink.gif

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