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New Food Prepartion Regulations

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The minister of Food & Agriculture, Sliceumdiceum, has issued new regulations to all businesses in the preparation of food stuffs. This has been in response to certain incidents resulting from the recent changes to the Indecency Laws allowing the citizens of Mamofump to go about their daily business sans clothing.


"We have received several complaints from food suppliers that, since the relaxing of the Indecency Laws, large quantities of products are being returned by customers because of contamination by ... er ... human elements", reported the devout, and highly distracted, Sliceumdiceum. "Therefore", he continued, "any one who works in the preparation of food stuffs AND wishes to exercise their right to go without ... um ... er ... clothing must be ... er ... depilated of all bodily hair, excluding the head region, which we believe to be adequately covered by the standard hair net. A health minister will be appointed to make random spot checks, to ensure full compliance with this new regulation".


It is also believed that a further change to the Indecency Laws will be shortly forthcoming as attempts to enforce male workers to wear cricket boxes in the use of factory machinery is an infringement of their current civil rights.


"Such unpleasantness as experienced by Mr. Bobbitt, whilst working the Mamofurp Roll machine at George Adams Mamofurp Products, could have been avoided if only he had listened to common sense ", sadly mused a company spokesperson. The spokesperson went on to say that an office position had been found for Mr. Bobbitt on his return, and that his duties would not include using the paper shredder.


In a final note, The Bobbitt Mamofurp Roll is currently George Adam's biggest selling product which just goes to show there's no such thing as bad publicity.




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