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Songkran festival

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13 is Lucky!! It?s New year on 13th here?.


Songkran festival ... is celebrated among many Asian countries according to their Ancient Lunar New Year. icecream.gif

A number of ancestors of the people of Koku were from Thailand, since the time King Chulalongkorn of Siam (now as Thailand) visited Europe. Thus, every year, many people from Koku visit their twin country when Thailand celebrate their traditional New year on 13th April. YES!.gif


Facts : Songkran, or New year, is Water festival. People give fragranced water to the elders (usually with small presents like towel or summer clothing), in the same time, the younger receive their blessings. notworthy.gif

People also give water to Buddha images; wash the image at home, or give water at the temple?Many shopping malls and corporates also bring out Buddha image for people to give water. notworthy.gif

Then comes the fun part?the celebrations!!?. YES!.gif There are parades in every city, Songkran beauty pagents, and of course, splashing among people.

For years that the ?Splashing? became famous among tourists. Hundred thousands tourists visit Thailand during Songkran, just to get real soaked besides the sight seeing. 002.gif Songkran is on 13th April but it is 3 day holidays, for people to visit their home. The splashing is during 13th-15th, but there are many provinces where the celebration takes 7 days. 545.gifpinkelephant23.gif

[ click, for larger pictures smile.gif ]

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This is an ad. in a newspaper; an invitation to Water War competition at a big shopping mall with Baht 100,000- reward for winner (approx. USD 2,300-) on Songkran day...!! Just like Paint ball competition, but using water gun. Notice he had his hair cut "Water War", in the picture (click, to see larger size).


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@ Europa: Better move this to the General Board in stead of RP?

Should it be here or General board???


First I think to put it there(general), but this event and other coming news are relevant to Koku kingdom...thus, I did put it here....


Up to you, Europa.


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How can you win a water competition???

wanna join??? 555 wink.gif



The team of 7 persons, that can penetrate 15 defenders, and save a hostage, in the specified time.


Actually, the Central World Plaza, big complex mall at the heart of Bangkok, has built a terrain and set up weapons and gear at the front terrace of their building...

Hey, dude...I say this is Big event, big challenge, man... Fly here, man...weapons are all set.... drillsergeant.gif


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And Happy Newyear!!!

Ha ha...no..no... I don't take splashing that serious...rather stay home watching Block Busters'... laugh.gif


I onced played Paint ball game in Pataya. After briefing, the manager point at a sign next to entry...written... "Please be well aware that this is only a game, not crusade!! " biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

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Great thread Koku! Learnt something today at least biggrin.gif Happy new year!

Thanks! and a small splash to you! laugh.gif


@ O: ...555 ... the fun part is when we get slashes that we can barely see a thing! smile.gif and when we felt some "direct" shots, and ...got to "retaliate".... Get them!!


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Koku, if I ever get to Thailand in that period, have an extra water pistol ready! biggrin.gif

For you??!!?? ...no water pistol to Empress...it's impolite.... rolleyes.gif

...gotta get firemen's hose ready...he he... biggrin.gif


Come ...come.....he he...

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No need to mention the "Cultural activities" as it is more or less posted earlier in page 1 of this thread....


Just to show you guys this year pictures...most of them are on the 'hi-lighted activity' = the WW-06 .... ( biggrin.gif the Water War 2006 ) 2-thumbup.gif


user posted imageuser posted image


user posted imageuser posted image


user posted imageuser posted image



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