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The Kingdom of Valdeunia

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The Kingdom of Valdeunia



King: Brennus I of the Dracar Clan

Queen: Alhana

High Prince: Enli

Second Prince: Aidyn

Princess: Ceara





In the year of our Lord 207, a the warlike clans of raiders landed on the shores of a large island in the middle of the region called Europa. The raiders rampaged along the coasts of the island, then, within a matter of years, actually moved inland. At first they started small coastal towns scattered around the coastal cliffs and mountains, then, after they learned to ride the horse, they moved inland with conquest on their minds. In the year 214, they had taken all of the island but for three large mountains close together. The primitive, earlier inhabitants of the island had built their final earthwork defences along the sides of the mountains, and the raiders were not equipped to attack the mountains. For two years the two sides were able to stare each other in the eye, waiting for the other to slip up, until the raiders learned to build siege engines. They built many catapults and rams, and laid waste to the earthwork walls and wooden towers of the island natives. Finally, the entire island was taken over, and the clans settled into their own towns scattered around the island. After three long years, the clans began fighting amongst each other, each one supporting a different warlord to rule all the clans. For over a century, the clans fought and died, until the clan of Dracar won a major victory over the next leading clan of Morgar. The clans united under the chieftess Valdaynia, who became Queen of the entire island. Later, the nation was named after the first queen, and became called Valdeunia. The clan of Dracar has ruled ever since, though the royal family has changed many times.


The religion of Valdeunia: Braitonism


Major Gods and Goddesses:


High God and God of War: Fearihgahl

Wife to The High God and Goddess of Marriage: Crystallia

God Life: Rothagar

God of Death: Mortanite

Goddess of Love: Alhana

God of Hate: Cryton

God of Merriment: Jhodiar


Description of Braitonism:


A religion that has been apart of the Valdeunian people since the days thousands upon thousands of years ago when the people still roamed the land as nomadic warriors. The religion believes that at one time, at the beginning of the universe, a massive war raged between the Gods and Goddesses of Braitonism and other "false" gods. During the war, the energies used created the stars, and the bodies of fallen gods and goddesses eventually became the planets, disentergrating into minerals, chemicals, and other materials of the Earth. After the War of the Gods, Fearihgahl, chose the planet of Earth as a resting place. The breath the left his lips gave life to the planet, allowing the creation of small life forms. The Gods took notice and guided the changes of the animals until they were satisfied with a species, eventually leading to the Human Race, the favorite of the Gods and Goddesses. But the perfect animal is believed to be the horse, more perfect than the human. The most respected was the Dothraki Horse, believed to have been descended from Fearihgahl's steed, Magnar.

Braitonism is a righteous religion that believes in the well being of mankind, whether it comes through war or peace. It teaches the oppurtunities of life are not to be thrown away, but seized by the hands and used to the full advantage. It also teaches that no matter the race, sex, or religion, that a person is to be judged by the honor, morality, and personality of themselves. It teaches that to murder in cold blood, to rob a person of their belongings, to lie, cheat, or be cruel, can earn in a sentence to the Seven Hells where the God of Death, Mortanite, awaits to give an enternity of suffering. Those who follow the virtues and morals set by the Gods earn the right to pass through the Gates of Paradise.




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Valdeunia is a rugged country, covered in hills, mountains, and cliifs. Grasslands dominate the wilderness, though there are large pockets of forest scattered around, and the island's location in the mid-latitudes lead to a mediterranean-like climate. There is a single major river flowing from the large, natural harbour all the way to the southern point of the island. Around the middle area of the river is where a national wonder is, the Dothraki Falls; large waterfalls pouring over a cliff amongst the Dothraki Plains. There are other minor rivers and many stream throughout the island, allowing rich farmland. The mountainous regions give off many mineral deposits, including iron, copper, gold, silver, nickel, and tin. There is only one uranium deposit throughout the entire island, limiting the use of nuclear power. There are few beaches along the coasts of the island, which are mainly lined by cliffs.


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