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yeh ditto, the top one looks cool, the bottom one looks a little empty. I'd go for the top one.


What does your nation represent? what do the symbols mean to you? thats usully the beast way to work out a flag, mine is simply the Cross of St Georgfe, 'cos i;m english, and a crown, because my nation is highly monerchistic...

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I've been doing a little work on some flags for my nation.


(1) What do you think of these two?



user posted image



user posted image


(2) (And which do you think is better, or should I create a couple more?)

(1) Flag #1:

Pro: original design; combination red+black is good.

Con: The shape of the stars seems odd; the image is rather small.


Flag #2:

Con: the image is rather small, you can't really identify it.


(2) It think the bottom one would look great if you were to resize the center image. The first image is already good for use.

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