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Akiiryan Embassies

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OOC: Akiiryu currently has embassies in the following countries.




Akiiryu in Monglo-Swedes: Gor Bjonaracicu

Mongol Swedes in Akiiryu:




Akiiryu in Karthenia: Franric Jankiara (new posting)

Karthenia in Akiiryu: Colonel Istvan Hong


Ide Jima




Akiiryu in Argenland:Ambassador Jorith Thannoc.

Argenland in Akiiryu:Ambassador Mario Laval.



Akiiryu in Koku: Gothric Thancicu

Koku in Akiiryu: Somchai Mahamit


Byzantium Nova

Akiiryu in Byzantium Nova: Thouric Ancicarac (new posting)

Byzantium Nova in Akiiryu: Manuel Eirenikos


I am also assuming I have embassies in PoA countries as well. Let me know if you wish to name your ambassador.


I am open to relations with all countries.

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Greeting from King Koku, of Koku Kingdom.

In light of the openning for foreign relations of Akiiryu, King Koku is very pleased to establish friendship between our two nations.

Koku Kingdom will appoint Mr. Somchai Mahamit as our Embassdor to Akiiryu. He will be accompanied by 7 diplomatic staff, and a few guards.

An Embassy for Akiiryu in Koku kingdom will shortly be constructed aswell.

We hope that both our Embassies will bring peace, and prosperity to us, and Europa.

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Well wish to the Leader of Akiiryu, and his people.

We are delighted to receive such prompt reply.

Koku's government acknowledged your Embassador Gothric Thancicu and his staff.


With high regards,


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*** Akiiryan News Network***


The government of Akiiryu has announced it has opened an embassy in Karthenia. The Prince hopes this will lead to the development of a great friendship between our the two nations.


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