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Ide Jima open to foreign embassies

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In the interest of better international relations, the Ide Jiman commision today declared the country open for foreign embassies. Five 4 acre plots in the capital, Serekan have been reserved for embassy building, each coming as courtesy of the Ide Jiman government as a measure to attract foreign embassies.


With each embassy a maximum of 150 troops and is situated near to an airport. Ide Jima hopes that this new initiative will help to better international relations. For every embassy established in Ide Jima, Ide Jima will send an ambassador in return to the nation concerned. We hope this will lead to the establishment of good relations with countries.

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Akiiryu - Ambassador Xian Kao has been despatched to akiiryu, A central plot in Serekan has been handed over


Koku - Thank you for sending an ambassador, I hope this will act as the foundation for positive international relations.


Tagmatium Rules - Plot reserved, there will be ample accomadation for the large entourage accompanying your ambassador.


Haken - Thank you for sending an ambassador, Ide Jima is still selecting an ambassador to travel to Haken.

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King Koku is pleased with Ide Jima gesture.

Koku Kingdom appoints Mr. Kenta J. Wright as our Embassdor to Ide Jima. He will be accompanied by 7 diplomatic staff, and a few guards.

An Embassy for Ide Jima in Koku kingdom will shortly be constructed aswell.

We hope that both our people will bring peace, and prosperity to us, and Europa.

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To:Ide Jima Diplomatic Affairs Dept.

From:The Tribal Tribunal, The Confederacy of The Mongol-Swedes

Subject:Diplomatic Relations


We are delighted to hear that your nation's leadership has made the move to encourage international relations with the region. It is this kind of open-minded dialogue that we of The Tribal Tribunal feel is necessary to ensure that every citizen of the world receives a fair shot at a free and prosperous living. We have agreed to purchase land to establish an official embassy in your nation's capitol in Serekan, and we look forward to a prosperous and happy future for your peoples and ours.

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