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Chaos has broken out Ranke and Wirraway.


A strike, 150,000 strong in the Moss Vale Steelworks in Wirraway, erupted into rebellion today after the armed forces were once again called in to disperse the protest. This is the 12th time this year that such a move has occurred. But, this is the first time shots where fired and blood spilled.


The protests have been over general working conditions, pay and anti-discrimination in the workplace. Support for the current government has been ever falling over the last 3 months. Many of the middle and working class see the government as brutish and over excessive, not looking out for the welfare of the population, but living it up in extravagance, filling their pockets with tax money and holding ?conferences? at elaborate estates in the country.


The official toll at hand is 98 dead and several hundred wounded, though one news source is reporting 2000killed and 5000 wounded.

The commanding officer of the infantry claims to have:

? Twice warned the protesters to disperse, adding if they did not, he would be compelled to fire on them. I also ordered the other officers on foot, to go right in among the people and try to reason with them, trying to do everything in their power to persuade the people to disperse peacefully?

The CO of the infantry then remarked

? They crossed the line when I heard the assembled crowd accused of nothing worse than jeering at the troops, hustling the officers, and using language to them that will not bear repetition, the crowd was armed with knives, pieces of piping, sticks and even some revolvers?

At that point Bugles were sounded the first volley of shots were fired in the air, the second, after no response from the crowd, were fired at the protestors.

After news of this reached the capital, workers and opposition groups to the government, seized this opportunity to act. The group possessing the most effective resistance and best co-ordination is the National Imperialist Party under leadership of James Craig.


Parliament Building is under direct threat of being stormed, and Niederoestereichs army is being deployed all over the nation to put down the dissenters. It is estimated that about a quarter of the country is against the current regime. Smoke now filled what was a deep blue sky, fires are burning in countless places over Niederoestereichuser posted image

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After the success in Niederoestereich, Argenlandian Red Cross started to move their equipments and supplies to this country with the support of the Government. The Prime Minister has annunced his condolences for the deads in Niederoestereich and he said that Argenland isn't going to send military help for the moment, exepts the C.P.A. is agree with this.

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While not a formal ally of the Niederoestereich, we of the Tribal Tribunal offer the aid of our tribes in any manner of humanitarian aid and relief. If the Niederoestereich government feels they require an additional security presence is required, we would like to be the first nation to propose that a multinational security force, operating under the control of the Niederoestereich government, to maintain peace and security in the nation.

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From: Niederoestereich Government

To: Concerned Nations


No aid is required from outside; anyway that way things are progressing that will not help. The army is now starting to mutiny, whilst other armed groups are ignoring orders to attack revolting civilians. Wirraway and Fairburn with the country in-between have all lines cut. No word of the situation can be determined, but it is likely now held by the National Imperialists. Parliament Building in Ranke has been razed and the government has now been moved to Amberley.




From: National Imperialist Party of Niederoestereich

To: Everyone that hears it (Broadcast on TV and Radio)


People of Niederoestereich

A New Era is fast approaching; the evils and weakness of the old democratic system will be washed away in their blood. We only seek to strength our country on the world stage, claim what is rightfully ours and bring a future to the Niederoestereichians. Join with us, our comrades, our brothers and our sisters. Together we will crush the Niederoestereichian Government, their hopes, their dreams, their future and even maybe more!


We will soon control one third of the nation, with more and more people fleeting to our cause, our comrades in the Military are beginning to heed our message and turn on their former masters. We seek to build a system of Totalitarian rule, to strengthen ourselves. The history books are full of countless Autocratic Monarchs, Glorious leaders and Nations lasting many thousands of years.


People of Niederoestereich, Unite!


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TO: Niederostereich Government

FROM Ide Jiman High Council


We are shocked by what has happened in Niederostereich. The Ide Jiman government will send an independent task force to Niederostereich to help the government regain control with the consent of the government itself. A naval task force is being prepared to deal with this incident given the consent of the government of Niederoestereich, we are eager to here of a reply from Niederostoereich.

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Phil V Sends a message to the new Neidostereich Government:


Welcome to the wonderful world of international politics, where alliances and pacts spring up almost weekly, by your actions in gaining power in Neiderstereich we can already tell you are likly to have some fun with your closest neighbour, Pot...


While i do not condone your actions in the method you came to power, we are not about to start any wars... Out with the old, In with the new... Welcome...have a pie...

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Ide Jima realises that an upheaval in power in a nation can lead to some wanting to take refuge from a certain regime. Ide Jima would gladly take on any peoples displaced by the change in leadership in Niederoestereich.

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Tamurin will remain neutral for the moment. We have positive relations to the current government of Niederoesterreich and don't want to see the rise of a new imperialistic government (especially when we remember, that the top-level imperialists of the Tamurin Imperial League fled to Niederoesterreich after the last Civil War), but we don't see how we could help at the moment.

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To: The Outside World

From: National Imperialist Party of Niederoestereich

Subject: Total Victory!


For the last few weeks, we have bled the democrats white. The country is now ours.

We failed our imperial brothers in Tamurin in the last war, now they will join with us, to better our society.

The warships currently being constructed in Wirraway will now re-commence. Although somewere damaged, they will be repaired and hurried away; this project will fund our reconstruction effort.

Resistance with-in the nation is all but decimated and the new order has started.

We have waited for this moment for a long time. The rivers flow with the blood of those who opposed us.


Today we have defeated the single greatest threat to the survival of Niederoestereich, and triumphed. Today the weakness of democracy and its followers was put to an end, and a new era has begun. We are strong. We are invincible. We are the future and survival of Niederoestereich.

user posted image


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"Great!" President Hartman shouted. "Are these imperialists never defeated?! Another nation has fallen to them. I see the next war coming up..."


He stood up and left his office. He needed some time to relax in the garden.


Field Marshall von Steinburg looked at the note from the department of foreign affairs:

"Niederoesterreich imperialists have won civil war. Tamurinian imperialists aided them and play a minor part in their new order."


Von Steinburg sighed. "Well, there's always something..."

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OOC: Wow. And I was expecting something of a Communistic thing, for some reason.


Vice Chancellor Commenus looked over reports coming in from Niederoesterreich. What most disturbed him was that the warships being constructed wouldnow fund a right-wing revolution, something which had plagued Tagmatium for years. Thinking about the leaders of the old Conservative League being held in maximum security prisons scattered about the Holy Empire, he toyed with the idea of having them taken out and shot, just in case. No sane person would mourn their passings. No, he would leave it as it was, but the situation was to be watched carefully.

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...Cheers were heard as the leaders of the new beginning step up onto the stage in front of the crowd of some 12000 supporters, many rising to their feet in a booming applause.

One man stepped out of rank on the stage and held to hand to cease the noise


"TODAY WE ARE ONE" Boomed the browned haired man

"Today we have leadership, I have assumed responsibility for our mighty nation, and I will bring her to the line light. I will ensure she is renown throughout the lands. I shall henceforth be known as Emperor White ruler of Niederoestereich.


As leader, my first act is to declare opposition parties illegal, under punishment of firing squad. We brothers have fought for the right to lord over these lands and therefore this step is necessary to ensure lasting peace and swift judgement.


All men of ages 18-25 will now be conscripted to bear arms in protection for Niederoestereich. We are in a vulnerable state at current, any democratic country could try to invade and break our new system in support of the old, therefore we shall have the will, and way to forge our destiny."


The crowd once more erupted into cheers, applause and singing of the nations anthem, as the Imperials left the stage.


"Soon comrade, we will take back what is ours, and sweep through Europa like a bushfire" White muttered to his new chief of defence (whom is of Tamurin origin) as they left.



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To: National Imperialist Niederoestereich

From: The Greater Holy Empire of Tagmatium

Subject: Relations


Tagmatium would like to expand on our relationship, as N-reich is building our next generation of warships, we would like to safeguard any potential action against these by offering the new government an alliance, or similar relations, and to offer them a new embassy, as the previous one burnt down on the night of the revolution.


Vice Chancellor Commenus

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To: Tagmatium, SPA

From: NIN

Subject: Relations


In this world of irrational traitors and replusive weak leaders, we can see the need for Niederoestereich to establish alliancesa and better co-operation on the international stage. Embassys may be build and trade relations would be welcomed greatly.


Military relations may be welcomed in the future, but at present with the state of the nation, re-organisement and re-arming of the NINA ( the National Imperialist Niederoestereich Army) present military relations can not exist. Until our arms have been beared and demonstrated that is.



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